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Oakland, CA Service range 45 miles Based in the Bay Area, can do San Diego by special arrangement!



Birth Fee

$1800 to $2800

Birth Fee

$1800 to $2800

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

42 years and 70 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Up to now most of my births have been at hospitals. I am very good at navigating the medical system and work very well with the staff. I have been very successful in upholding Parent's birth plans.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I adore working at birth centers. Midwives are amazing and the homey atmosphere is so conducive to a peaceful, uninterrupted birth.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have done a few.....would LOVE to do more!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer Best Start Birth Center San Diego UCSD Hearts to Hands Volunteer Volunteer for Loving Arms Birth Education Center Imeinu Doulas BirthKeepers

Fee Details

I am willing to work with clients around payment as needed. I like to give my clients a lot more time than most birth doulas! Before and after birth!

Oakland, CA Service range 45 miles Based in the Bay Area, can do San Diego by special arrangement!

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Alexis Horn


I've known Wendy for quite a few years, as we taught in the same school district.  I actually had no intention of having a doula until a few weeks before my due date.  I have been thinking about her and decided last minute to hire her.  I'm SO GLAD we did!  Wendy is very attentive and looked for any way to help us out.  She showed us a variety of ways to handle labor pains throughout our home and took the time to get to know my husband.  Having her at the hospital was truly a godsend.  She knew her way around the hospital and rooms so that when we got there all we had to do was get through the process itself.  She made sure, with each shift change, each nurse knew our plan and created a warm and caring environment.  She even helped out with my mom, who I thought looked a little overwhelmed and lost!  Through the post-partum period, Wendy visited and texted to make sure things were going well, bringing along her special mama treats.  We continue to travel this journey together through weekly mama walks at Lake Merrit as well as monthly gatherings at her home.  Wendy is truly a light in our lives!

Jessica Morris


I met Wendy Ellen through a Prenatal bellydance course, and immediately knew that I wanted her on my birth team. Her positive spirit and energy was exactly what I needed throughout my 3 day (!!) labor. Not only was Wendy there for the labor, but she was an active participant in the months before by either checking in on me on an almost daily basis or introducing me to other mamas in her circle by walking around Lake Merritt weekly. Post-baby, the walks have continued and I am so grateful to be a part of this community that Wendy has built through her services and through her connections to other birth workers around the Oakland area. As someone with family out of state, it's relieving to have support and connections to other women that have shared similar experiences. Now the baby and I walk with Wendy every Monday that she is in town (or not assisting a birth) and meet at her house monthly for gatherings where we can mingle with other familys and exchange clothing and baby gear. I am truly grateful for Wendy in my life and am grateful that the experience did not just end at birth, but that I continue to feel loved and supported long after.

Mustafa Mir


Wendy was a fantastic Doula and an easy choice for us since we knew her socially before we hired her and knew how generous and patient of a person she is. She worked with my wife and I throughout the pregnancy, from almost day one. In the early months we went out for dinner every few weeks during which she shared resources and tips with us. She also invited us to her poohbear meetups where we got to interact with her previous clients and got loads of great essentials like clothes and toys that people brought in to share with the community. During the actual delivery our hospital stay ended up being longer than planned due to some complications. Wendy was there with us for almost 3 days and played a major role in keeping the birth as natural as possible. She guided my wife through several positions to help releive pain, help her relax and generally move things along. She was also great for managing my own stress, relieving me to go get coffee or food when she knew i was getting very tired. During the pushing  part she assisted the hospital staff, helped us take pictures, and shared in the joy of the of the birth of our daughter. Wendy is very experienced and keeps up to date with current thoughts and literature. She never forced her opinions on us but guided us through educational materials to make the decisions that felt right to us. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a Doula.

Hanns Detlefsen


Knowledgable, professional,& kind. Labor will take hours fellas. Your gonna want some backup!!!!

Wendy was terrific.

Rad Mam


I first met Doula Wendy when I was in the beginning of my third trimester. She was very warm and charming right from the get go! She made me feel comfortable with all my choices regarding my birth plan, and also guided me on what is optimal. During the months leading up to the delivery, we would keep in touch often, and have Skype video sessions regularly (worked out great since she was out of state for a short period). In these skype sessions, she taught me to belly dance, which helped with keeping me active during the last stages of my pregnancy and also eventually during the laboring process. Right from the beginning, Wendy introduced me to her partner, Doula Jenny, incase I ever needed backup/extra help. The 3 of us were always in-sync and constantly in touch, which was very reassuring. When I went into labor, Wendy was there for me at the hospital from very early in the morning. Her armoatherapy and exercies really helped me get through labor. She helped immensely with pelvic positions during the pushing phase, which I think helped ease my vaginal delivery process greatly (I had a natural delivery without epidural and no pain medication). She also got along well with my OB-GYN. Overall, I've had a great experience with Wendy and would definitely recommend her - oh and FYI, my husband says her chicken soup is awesome :-) !

Betty Lan


I met Wendy Ellen in yoga class when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. My first impression was she was warm, caring and extremely personable. After my husband and I sat down with her for an informal interview, I knew I wanted her on my support team.Wendy Ellen spent hours getting to know me and my husband in the months prior to my son's birth. She made me feel genuinely cared for from the first day I met her. We were extremely comfortable with her by the time I went into labor. She was always there for support with respect to questions that I had during pregnancy and postpartum. She was extremely responsive to messages and calls about any weird questions that I had no matter what time of day. It's obvious that she prioritizes being there for her clients. As far as the time I spent laboring in the hospital, Wendy Ellen was a rockstar. She kept spirits up with a positive attitude and worked tirelessly to support and encourage me when I thought I just couldn't do it. She was able to suggest different positions to help move labor along and kept my focus on working with her instead of the pain. It meant so much to have a familiar face in a hospital full of strangers. Her ability to keep me calm and focused on the task at hand when I started to get overwhelmed made all the difference. She helped us to talk through difficult decisions while we were at the hospital and I felt so good about having her in my corner as my personal advocate. Biggest perk of having Wendy Ellen as your doula? She has built a community of doulas and mamas who will automatically become part of your support system once you become her client. She has weekly walks at Lake Merritt so moms can get to know each other and ask each other questions or offer support. So it doesn't all just end once you have your baby because she also hosts monthly Pooh Bear gatherings at her house where we have a pot luck and bring baby items to exchange. Wendy Ellen is a beautiful soul and is now a part of our family.

Sparlha Swaby


We were incredibly lucky to have Wendy Ellen join our birth team mid-labor. My primary doula had to leave the hospital for an urgent reason and so called in her backup, Wendy Ellen, to replace her. As it turned out both doulas ended up staying and blessed our birth with double the support, grounded presence and timely suggestions. 

Wendy Ellen supported my birth with a confident, experienced, warm and joyful energy. She helped my partner feel more comfortable in the room and in his role so that he could better engage with me. It was especially moving when she joined in singing with us on one of our birth songs!

We felt comfortable with Wendy Ellen from the moment she walked in our labor and delivery room and would highly recommend her as a wonderful addition to your birth team!

Ashley Rockett


We thought we had already chosen a doula, but decided to meet with Wendy Ellen. After that meeting our minds were made up! We decided to go with her because we felt really comfortable around her and that's a feeling you only get from special individuals. We are so glad we made this decision! We had the all natural short birth we dreamed of. Wendy came right away to our house at 5 in the morning even though we told her to go back to sleep. She found positions that helped my labor move along. Wendy was very supportive thoughout the birth process and even returned to the hospital to check on us the next day. Since then she has checked in with us frequently, giving us advice and has even brought over healthy brownies:) 

Wendy dedicates counteless hours getting to know her clients, from going on walks to having dinner with you. She makes her clients feel very special and treated us like family. She feels like a second mother to me. I also took her belly dance class which gave me skills to move gracefully through my birth. Wendy also hosts monthly gatherings that bring together families, future families, and other birth specialists. These community potlucks are a wonderful way to connect with others.

We look forward to continuting our relationship with her as our baby grows! We highly recommend her and would use her again!

Breidi Truscott


wendyEllen is a bundle of energy!  When we met her she had a beaming smile and such spunk that we knew we wanted to have her in our birth room with us.  Plus, she has an extensive background in dance - one of my interests as well - and I thought it would be so much fun to bring dance into the labor process.  I ended up belly dancing with her for weeks in advance to prep my body and baby for birth, it was a blast!

Unlike most doulas who give you 2 sessions before and one after, wendyEllen only accepts a few clients at a time so she can truly get immersed in their lives.  She met with us a bunch before we delivered - going on walks, chatting over dinner, dancing, hanging out - so we got to know each other well before the actual labor.  During labor her energy never faltered even though we labored all night.  She definitely has her opinions and isn't shy to share them; she also had some amazing poses and moves to suggest to us that I'm sure took hours off our labor process.  Even now that we have our delightful son in our lives, she still keeps in touch and has created an awesome community of about-to-be and new parents that has helped us make great new friends.  Thank you!  

Asli Topcu


Our experience with Wendy was very pleasant and helpful. Wendy was the first doula who responded to our inquiry. We met with her at our apartment for the interview. During our interview there were some of Wendy's qualifications that helped us to pick her: 1. Very friendly, positive and easy to communicate. During the tense time of labor and delivery we wanted someone we can easily communicate and also positive to help us overcome the tension. Wendy had all these qualities. 2. Very experienced. She had more than 37 birth experiences and a very high rate of natural births. 3. Logistics. Wendy is living in Oakland and close to us.  During the time we worked with Wendy, there were three periods: Before the birth: Wendy visited us multiple times before the birth to make sure that we have the right setup at home for laboring. She also checked with my wife occasionally to make sure she knows what stage my wife was at while approaching to due date. We went through labor positions and what to expect when it starts. During the labor/birth: This is the time we needed Wendy the most and she has been there for us during the whole time. As soon as early labors started we let her know. She came to our apartment right away and we started on labor positions. Wendy stayed with us whole time until the delivery at the hospital. * One special note about the Jinny, who voluntarity joined Wendy as another doula to help us. With Jinny things got even easier for us. Since the labor was very long, Jinny didn't have time to come to the hospital but during the labor she was a huge help! After the birth: Wendy visited us in the postpartum room and at our apartment multiple times. She checked that everything was fine. She also invited us to her place to meet with other new moms or moms to be. This is going to be a monthly thing. Overall we were very happy working with Wendy, she is a good friend of us now, we definitely recommend her to other moms.

Asli & Emre

Vanessa Orr


I'm so lucky to have found Wendy! She went above and beyond the doula experience and became a friend of my husband and I. She was able to clarify any questions I had prior to labor and ease any worries I had about the labor and birth experience. She really reinforced that the labor and birth was my own and not any one else's! Once in the hospital, the staff treated us with respect and didn't push me into doing anything I didnt' want to do and I believe it was because I went in with a detailed birth plan that Wendy helped me to create. We went in educated about the birthing process. 

Once labor began, Wendy was there to help guide me to stay calm, relaxed and focused. As a dancer, she knew I wanted to keep moving during the labor process and we did so by dancing through the surges! My labor was looooong and she was there cheering me on every step of the way. She eased any worries my mom and husband had during the labor process and kept us focused. I'm glad to have had her as my doula and would highly recommend her. Lots of love! 

Andy K


My wife and I hired Wendy Ellen for the birth of our daughter. Even though this was our second pregnancy, it was my wife's first labor, because our son had been born via unplanned C-section.

Wendy Ellen was tremendously helpful, I don't know how we would have gotten through it without her.  She's knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly, she was compassionate towards my wife. We appreciated how flexible and adaptable she was, as the circumstances of labor continually changed.  Her positive, energetic temperament is perfect for a doula; when we were feeling exhausted or discouraged, she was there to keep us on track.

I can definitely recommend Wendy Ellen, I'm really glad we hired her. 


Ellen Bracken


wendyEllen went way beyond the call of "doula duty" during the birth of my first child and son a little over thirteen years ago. My labor proceeded fairly quickly as I entered the hospital early in the morning. When I called wendyEllen awhile later and was needing to take breaks to breathe during our conversation, she knew through her experience and intuition that I was going to have a fast and furious birth. I was glad when she arrived on the scene as the birth process was a more overwhelmingly forceful experience than I had envisioned. wendyEllen made certain that my birth plan which included having a natural childbirth without medication was honored and during some of the most intense moments when the contractions were coming without pause, wendyEllen used her quick-witted sense of humor to relax me. At one point, she made me laugh despite all that was happening in the moment when I told her that I just needed a break and her retort was that I would get one in twenty one years! She, of course, is a mother of two grown children and knew I was just at the beginning of the wild rapid ride of parenthood.

My childbirth was also colored by some unusual circumstances surrounding my husband's mental health crisis. It was truly this issue that I would say plunged wendyEllen and myself beyond the normal doula/client relationship. When I was released from the hospital, wendyellen took my new baby and I under her wing and into her own home for several days while I worked to make it safe for my son and I to return home. She encouraged me to eat healthy and advised me as ways to increase milk production so that I could best nourish my new baby. In essence, she looked after my new baby and I so that our first days together away from the hospital felt safe and sound.

It was more like a birth odyssey than a birth story. I am deeply grateful that wendyEllen was there to support me through a simultaneously frightening and amazing time in my son's and my life.

Trav Korch


Witnessing my wife go through labor is one of those experiences in life that I can genuinely say I could not have fully anticipated. Any book, class, or mental preparedness cannot soften the anxiety of watching your partner enter into increasing pain and discomfort, particularly with the uncertainty of going through this for the first time.

Wendy Ellen's presence was immediately soothing for my wife and myself. Her level of experience combines with her engaging and empathetic personality to slide perfectly into a stressful environment and create much needed calm.

It was remarkable to watch the intensity of my wife's contractions become visibly much more manageable with Wendy Ellen's touch, encouragement, and overall involvement.

Her genuine care for mother and baby is apparent throughout pregnancy and after birth. I don't think we would be alone after this experience in being able to say we now have a friend who happens to be a very talented doula. I couldn't recommend her more.

Alicia Rozum


My husband and I agree, the birth of our son would have been a completely different and more stressful experience without the calm, confident support of wendyEllen. She was committed and involved from the moment we met, checking in regularly and offering emotional support, advice, and encouragement. She became very familiar with my birth plan, and the needs of both me and my husband, and served as a strong advocate for us throughout our hospital birth. I was able to achieve the kind of natural, low intervention birth because of her guidance both before and during labor. She even stayed with me for several hours after the birth when I developed a complicated hematoma requiring surgery. She was able to convince the attending physician to allow her to accompany me to the operating room, which provided great comfort during a time when I was disoriented, scared, and in tremendous pain. In the days and weeks after the birth, wendyEllen continued to call, visit and support us with advice on breastfeeding, infant care, and calming. She even went on a Costco run for toilet paper! I feel as though wendyEllen will be in our lives for a long time, and we are so grateful to have shared our birth experience with her.

Lisa Gunther


Wendy is knowledgeable, encouraging, personable, and helped me stay as close to my birth plan as possible, despite medical complications. My favorite memory of my labor is belly dancing as a way to help move the baby down into position. She also helped me feel at ease in a hospital setting, and, along with my husband, inspired a real feeling of teamwork. I am very glad to know her, and highly recommend Wendy as a Doula!

Ziza Craig


Wendy has an incredible, fun-loving energy, and a huge, generous heart, which comes across instantly upon meeting her. Anyone who gets to work with her as their doula is highly highly blessed. 

Sarah Osness


You can't go through labor without Wendy.  Excruciating contractions in my back all 5 pregnancies.  She solved the problem.  Wendy was absolutely amazing. She was a blessing and a miracle  Each pregnancy my husband tried his best to attempt to relieve the pain.  Pain went from a 10 to an 8.  Wendy came along in my fifth pregnancy.  Through studing Wendy found out how to bring the pain down to a 2.  Pain didn't disappear, but she educated herself and learned how to help it subside.  She sat alongside my husband through each contraction and they worked together to press on each side of my pelvic bone in order to open up my pelvis.  Another example of how important she was to me is when she walked away to grab something and I cried out to her to get her butt back to me and have someone else grab whatever it was.  Wendy is so gentle, calm, and soothing.  She cares with all her heart.  Nine months later she still checks in to see how my whole family is.  She even put my daughter's coloring on her fridge. 

Sandra Hall


I have known Wendy Ellen Cochran for over 30 years. We raised our now adult children in the same neighborhood, blocks away from each other. We have always been like family! Wendy Ellen's daughter and I became pregnant almost at the same time! It has been wonderful to be in the presence of raising my son alongside her grandson! Wendy Ellen attended the birth of my son almost 16 years ago this August. She has always offered her doula services for our family, friends and community and I was delighted she got to attend my birth.

As a multicultural community educator and performer, Wendy Ellen has been of great service to this community over the years. Her assisting births were weaved within her time commitments to teaching and performing and raising a family of her own. I am excited to see her finally get her certification so she can expand her fine services to women in various communities.

Jennifer Cullison


As a doula, Wendy Ellen was professional as well as physically and emotionally supportive before, during and after

the birth of my son in August 2008. Wendy Ellen had offered her help when I told her I was expecting a child and

considering a more unusual and natural birthing plan at the so-called “advanced maternal age” of 37. She actively

listened to my plans for a drug-free, vertical birthing, my concerns of exacerbated lymphedema, and worries that

for complicated reasons, my husband would not be able to advocate well  for my interests. It was an easy

decision to enlist Wendy Ellen knowing that she had helped other women through similar problems and that she is a

caring and emotionally intelligent person.


Julie Kurenkova


Being a first time mom is exciting and frightful. I emerged myself into researching as much information and techniques for a healthy, natural pregnancy and birth as the time allowed. So I learned about Doulas pretty early on. Then I met Wendy in my birthing class. Wendy kept checking up on me and my Braxton-Hicks contractions for about 2 months. When I had my first real contraction, I called her and she came to the house right away. Wendy was right by my side the whole time reassuring, supporting, and calming me and my whole family. Her knowledge of pressure points and various positions really helped me to get contractions going at a steady pace. Even though I had two support people and my nervous husband, her help was enormous. She kept everything in sync, communicating with the medical staff to ensure that my birth plan was followed as much as possible. I labored for only 11 hours, and with Wendy's support I gave all natural birth to an 8lb 3oz boy! My husband and I will definitely be asking Wendy to help us with all of our future births.

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