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Jenn Bishop


Our experience with Tracy was wonderful. She was recommended to me by a friend who is a labour and delivery RN, so I knew she was capable and would work well as part of a team. We wanted support during the first three months of postpartum. Tracey came to help us with a few night shifts and also had some great ideas to help with some of the challenges in the newborn phase. It was incredibly helpful and the best part - we felt like we could completely trust our little one in her hands and therefore, get some much needed rest. Tracey has a very calming and reassuring energy and way of being that would be wonderful in the delivery room and postpartum. Thank you Tracey! 

Tiffany N


We originally heard about Tracey through a friend of a friend and unfortunately she wasn't available for the birth of our first child so we were thrilled she had availability for the birth of our second.  Our first delivery ended up being an emergency c-section so we were really hoping for a VBAC the second time around.

Tracey arrived at our house while I was in active labour and she as very helpful getting me ready and into the car to head to the hospital.  During labour she did a wonderful job of keeping me grounded and focused when some of the contractions were feeling overwhelming.  Tracey made very helpful suggestions for breathing techniques, positions and the use of laughing gas to help me cope with the pain.  She provided the emotional and physical support (literally holding my leg while I was pushing) I needed to get me through labour and delivery.  It was also wonderful to have Tracey there to provide my husband with time to rest, eat or go to the washroom and provided him with guidance throughout the process.

After giving birth, Tracey assisted with breatfeeding and helped express colostrum and syringe feed it to baby which was a wonderful help since I was so exhausted.  She was always there to ensure I was as comfortable as possible and her calm demenor was welcomed in the frantic setting of labour and delivery.

We ended up having a successful VBAC and we're thrilled we had Tracey there with us for all her positivity and support.  We are also grateful to have the photos she took for us as a memory of that day and her detailed birth notes to remind us of everything that happened.  We would highly recommend Tracey!



As first time parents, our experience with Tracey Stein was wonderful. At the initial consultation, we knew right away we wanted to proceed with Tracey. She was very informative, detail-oriented, and patient with all of our questions. Her personal and professional experience blew us away, so we knew we were in great hands. Tracey was available day and night via text messaging and over the phone support with any of our questions/concerns leading up to our baby's birth. When the time came, my labour progressed quickly and Tracey wasted no time meeting us at the hospital. During labour, Tracey helped out in multiple ways - got me in different positions to help with labour pains, coached me through each contraction, was there for additional support when we needed to make a decision, made sure I was hydrated, advised my husband any time he had questions or concerns, and all the while collecting detailed notes about our birth story that she shared with us afterwards. In addition, Tracey shared with us some of the intimate moments we had as a family that she had caught on camera (a service of hers we had opted for) which was amazing to look back on and now have with us to forever cherish. After we arrived home with our baby, Tracey was still available for anything that came up or some of the things we needed reminding of. A few weeks later, Tracey visited our home for the postpartum visit to cover any topics such breastfeeding, caring for baby, and reviewing our birth notes. Tracey was our go-to person throughout the whole thing; she helped immensely with our hesitations, anxiety, and stress of becoming first time parents. Tracey has lots of experience through her years of being a doula and a mother herself, so she has lots of knowledge to share with her clients. She is very approachable, open-minded, non-judgemental, comforting, understanding, and very kind. We would defintely  recommend Tracey Stein to anyone and everyone looking for a doula!



We hired Tracey in 2016 for our first delivery, and again in 2019 for our second.  I did a lot of research before reaching out to her.  I was impressed with her experience and the tone of her writing on the website.  Once we met her, Tracey very much lived up to our expectations; very calm, kind, professional, and experienced.  She seemed to know just what to say to make us, first time parents, comfortable.  She was available for questions leading up to the delivery and was a huge help once I started early labour.  I found it very helpful to have someone to ask the "is this real labour" questions so that we didn't go to the hospital 100 times.  Her advice also helped progress my stalled labour so that I didnt exhaust myself in the early stages.  Once at the hospital, I felt confident that our wishes during the delivery would be followed, because we had her on our side.  Tracey did certainly help us stick to our birth plan - and also helped us pivot when things changed.  She also has great rapport with hospital staff, which was helpful.  My second delivery was complicated do to illness in pregnancy, and we absolutely needed the extra support.  We are very grateful for her help and truly believe that our birth experiences would not have been positive without Tracey.  We highly recommend her to anyone who wants a great and personalised experience.  Thanks for everything Tracey!

Germaine Miese-Looy


Tracey has been at the births of all three of our children, and we couldn’t have imagined it any other way. The support she gave to me during labour (and almost more importantly, to my husband!) was always calm, clear, and steady. We will also cherish the memories of our labours and births every time we look at the photos she took for us! To have someone at our births who was solely dedicated to emotionally supporting both of us was invaluable. I only wish we were having more kids so that we could do it again with her!



Tracey was my Doula for the births of my two girls. She came highly recommended to me and when I first met with her I felt this calm radiating from her that I knew I could use during my birthing process. At my first birth Tracey appeared before the midwives and helped us graduate from early labour to active labour. Even at my second birth, Tracey's coaching made such a huge difference. She could tell by the sounds that I made what I needed to hear from her in the moment and her coaching helped me find the strength to do what needed to be done. I would highly recommend Tracey as a support person during your birth!



We had a very positive experience using Tracey as our birth Doula.  This was my second birth and I was determined to have a more positive labour and delivery. Tracey was fundamental to supporting us throughout the process and helping us get through our much quicker labour. Throughout the experience, Tracey was a cool head and kept me feeling calm by supporting me using questions and reminders.  She consulted with us ahead of time and offered her considerable knowledge to helping us shape our birth in a way that was much more positive this time round.  Although things still didn’t go exactly the way I wanted, she was there and helped me talk through and think about all of my options while in labor.  Ultimately, I think with her reminders and support I had a birth much closer to what I had wanted.

Tracey was also available for me prior to my birth (which was very helpful as I was one week late ). I appreciated having someone I could contact and ask questions to when I was uncertain of what was going on.  Tracey worked in a professionl and respectful manner with the staff at the hospital which I felt resulted in an overall positive experience for all. It was helpful to have someone explain to me what was going on when the doctors were too busy.

Finally,  It was very helpful to have someone I could contact after birth to ask my postpartum questions. Tracey responded to me quickly and made sure that I had answers to my questions or referred me too someone I could ask.  Her birth notes that she had taken I found surprisingly more impactful than I originally thought. It was nice to have an actual log of what it happened.  It also came in handy later when I had some postpartum questions and was able to refer to her notes. Overall, I was very happy to have her support and care and would recommend her for your Doula experience.

Cassia Prentice


My husband and I initially met with Tracey on the strongly positive recommendation of a family member. While we were not previously familiar with the role of a doula, as first time parents we wanted to ensure I had all the support and resources necessary to labour confidently.

Tracey exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend her to anyone expecting a child.

Tracey offered continuous, empathetic support throughout our hospital delivery experience. 

She worked closely with hospital staff to ensure my needs were met, and brought her wealth of experience to bear in suggesting effective labouring positions. Tracey displayed a high level of professionalism in her role. 

Tracey also provided invaluable emotional support when I became fatigued and my resolve weakened. She was a source of great comfort and encouragement.

We are so grateful to Tracey for the role she played in the birth of our first child. 

Kimberly Ziprick


We hired Tracey to attend my second birth. My first birth was a uncomplicated home birth but there were some things we wanted to change to assist int second birth that we thought Tracey’s expertise would come in to play. From the beginning interview stage to the prenatal visit, Tracey made is feel comfortable and calm. It is her calming nature that made us believe that we had made the correct decision in hirinf Tracey. 

On the days leading up to the birth, Tracey was in constant contact with me via text message and phone call (I had called her to let her know my water was trickling and that baby may be arriving within the next two days). She would provide information to me about what the midwives may advise next, what was normal, and what to expect if I don’t go into labour. Again, Tracey’s calming nature was at the forefront. 

after going into labour and texing to Tracey that I needed her assistance, she arrived promptly and got “into action” by helping me through contractions, anticipating my contractions, helping my husband make the decision to call the midwives. As my husband puts it, “Tracey knew what I needed before I knew what I needed”. This was incredibly helpful and a very fast second home birth occurred and a baby girl was born! 

Although this was my second child, Tracey assisted with breastfeeding and “reminding me how to do this again!” Haha

At our post partum visit, Tracey was there for me to ask questions and presented me with a lovely birth story. We cannot thank Tracey enough for her assistance in welcoming our little girl into this world! 


Alison Ferrise


As a first time mom, I was quite nervous about the birth of our daugter, and wanted to find someone who would be able provide additional support for my husband and I. As soon as we met Tracey we knew she was exactly what we were looking for. She has an incredibly calm and reassuring nature, which encouraged us to stay relaxed through the process. Tracey was also very professional when working with us as well as with the hospital staff. Her wealth of knowledge and experience shows through her ability to explain the birth process and potential outcomes we could encounter. From our first meeting, she made us feel comfortable to talk about how we felt and our concerns, while being able to offer valuable advice and reassurance.

When my contractions first started, Tracey ensured that she was available to talk to me about what was happening and what to expect next. Then when the contractions ramped up in earnest at 1am, she was able to promptly join us at our home. I think the support and guidance she provided while we labored at home was invaluable. She recommended that I go through the "Miles Circuit" and although it was tough, it helped labour progress while getting baby into the right position, which likely helped the rest of my labor and delivery go smoothly at the hospital. 

At the hospital, Tracey continued to provide guidance with different positions and recommendations as my labour continued. Her knowledge of the in's and out's of the hospital is also very valuable, as even small things like putting our snacks in the fridge helped eliminate unnecessary stress for us. My husband was especially grateful for how Tracey was able to help him know what to do next and identify when he needed to rest.

Overall, we were lucky to have a very straightforward birth and I think Tracey played an important role as she helped keep us calm and positive throughout. We loved working with Tracey and would highly recommend her! 

Juan Zhang


Tracey was recommended to us by a colleague. We are first time parents and had zero experience with labour and delivery. Tracey's support has made a huge difference to us. With my petite physique and a not-so-small baby, the delivery was not uncomplicated. Tracey has absolutely made a huge difference in how I experienced the labour and delivery. She provided such excellent support that I think back of the birth experience much more fondly than I would have otherwise! With no family in town, Tracey's post-partum visit also made a difference to me as a sleep-deprived first time mom. I will absolutely recommend Tracey to anyone who's looking for a doula!

Stephanie Carter


Tracey's calm demeanour went a long way in keeping myself and my husband calm and grounded throughout labour. Knowing that we had her wealth of experience at our disposal was huge in calming my nerves! She kept in touch throughout the day when my early labour started, and gave us good advice as to when to head to the hospital. We would have gone to the hospital hours earlier and been sent home if it weren't for Tracey reassuring us that my labour hadn't progressed far enough yet! The hopsital staff were familiar with Tracey and on great terms with her, telling us that she is one of their favourite doulas. Tracey helped us with pain relief techniques throughout labour, suggesting things we wouldn't have thought of that helped me to stay unmedicated for many hours before finally requesting an epidural. Both my husband and I felt like we were in really good, competent hands with Tracey; at one point, our baby's heart rate suddenly dropped while there was no medical staff in the room, and while neither of us was sure what to do, Tracey immediately took charge and contacted a nurse. During the pushing phase, she offered tremendous support both physical and emotional. She even helped me to express colostrum for our baby's first meal since he wouldn't latch and I was unable to express the colostrum myself. We were very happy with our experience with Tracey, and both feel that our birth experience would not have gone nearly as smoothly if it weren't for her!

Andrea Broeders


My husband was originally the one who wanted to hire a doula because he felt like as much as he’d want to help, he had no experience with labour and childbirth and wanted someone with more experience to be present. Tracey was recommended to us by a friend who is a labour and delivery nurse. Our friend told us that Tracey is well-known and respected in the midwife community, so we were very interested to meet with Tracey and see if she would be a good fit for our planned home birth. Tracey is the perfect mix of warm and professional, so we signed-up with her on the spot.

Tracey made our first home birth experience so positive that we hired her again for our second home birth. I believe that Tracey’s assistance was a huge contributor to our excellent birth experiences. I feel like the births could have been completely different if she hadn’t been there to draw on her vast experience. She got to know me while I was pregnant and understood what would be most beneficial to me personally during labour.

I would recommended Tracey to everyone with no hesitation.

Katie Gordon


Tracey was our doula for the birth of both my son and daughter. Having Tracey there to support both myself and my husband was extremely helpful. My first labour was long and exhausting and my second labour was short and intense, with her support I was able to achieve my goal of having natural/epidural-free, healthy deliveries, making both my birth experiences positive.

Tracey provided birth photos for us as well. The photos are beautiful, precious memories of the first few minutes of our babies' lives that we will cherish forever.



Anne Logan


Tracey was our doula for the birth of both my daughter and son. Her prenatal, labour and postpartum assistance and knowledge were beyond helpful. My husband in particular was so relieved to have her assistance during my labours because she gave him techniques to assist, and not hinder the process. Aside from providing me with immense comfort and confidance, she ensured he was eating and drinking throughout my labour, which sounds strange, but is really so important. 

I personally found her pain-relieving techniques effective, and her support gave me confidance to enter both my labours with a positive and open mind. 

It's clear that Tracey's experience is wide-ranging and well respected by medical professionals in Calgary as well. So many doctors and nurses already knew her, and asked her opinion on things, so there really is no better sign that Tracey is a doula that you can trust. I highly recommend her as a doula!

Karen Trenholm-Boyle


We have used Tracey for two births, and we have had fantastic experiences both times. Tracey is amazingly caring, compassionate and so easy to work with. We are so greatful to Tracey for all she did for us during our births!

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