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Samantha Chadwick

Sam the Doula

Minneapolis, MN Service range 20 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer with and have been a board member for The Childbirth Collective, a Minnesota/Twin Cities non-profit serving families in the childbearing year and I completed a birth doula internship at the Minnesota Birth Center in 2015.

Fee Details

I meet with potential doula clients for a free, informal meeting/interview, where we get to know each other a little bit and you can see if it seems like we'd be a good fit. I typically do 2 prenatal and 1-2 postnatal visits, and attend the entire labor and birth, staying to support you for a couple hours immediately postpartum. I am also available by phone, email, and text as things come up during pregnancy and after the birth to provide a listening ear, be a sounding board and to give suggestions and referrals. If you have specific ideas or questions about the support you would like, that's a great thing to discuss with me. I have also attended birth center or hospital tours with clients, for example. I can offer lower-cost doula service based on need, so please ask if you are in that situation. I have a lending library for my clients - including pregnancy, birth, and parenting books and DVDs as well as baby travel gear.

Minneapolis, MN Service range 20 miles

Client Testimonials for Samantha Chadwick

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Theresa Swenson


Sam was the Doula for both of my births.  The first time I didn’t know if I wanted a natural birth or not and I didnt have a mom or a friend to support me and I realy felt I needed a woman that knew what would help with me during the birth.  Nothing will ever prepare you more then knowing you have support.  

The reason I chose Sam is because she was laid back, down to earth, and open to what I wanted and not what she thought I wanted.  

She is very easy to talk to and good at giving guidance and support when needed.  When we had a challange she was very helpful with giving tips and supported me through my decisions.  I liked having her by my side so much that I asked her to help me with my second.  If I have a third I will not question asking for her help again.  

She‘s been a positive person in my life since I have met her and I now plan to become a doula myself. 

Ellie Siler


Samantha was a very important, helpful and appreciated part of pregnancy and labor for us. I'm so glad to have had a doula like Sam by my side and on Team Baby.

Sam was a very informed resource and thoughtful listener for us as we prepared for the birth of our daughter. She helped make me feel better prepared and more confident every step of the way. She provided lots of information about different types of birth experiences so that I could make informed decisions and was supportive of what I decided. When I had random questions or confusion about what was happening during pregnancy or what might happen during labor, she was always there with an answer and support.

Sam also provided resources like book and birth class recommendations as well as tips for videos to watch and articles to read. I felt she understood how to best help me learn and make me feel comfortable and less anxious. Having someone so educated, warm and friendly looking out for me made everything so much easier.

When I went into labor, Sam was there for us and prepared to help with every step. She reminded me of positions I could try during labor, rubbed my back for comfort, reminded my husband to eat, kept us distracted, took pictures, grabbed snacks/water as needed and provided moral support. When labor intensified, Sam was there to keep my spirits up and speak up for my needs - she even noticed I liked how a particular nurse was helping during pushing and urged her to keep doing that when she traded with another nurse.

When my daughter was born looking a little blue and needing time in the NICU, Sam stayed by my side and my husband stayed with our daughter. Having her there to keep me company and help make me feel less nervous was so necessary for my sanity.

Sam is an amazing doula and such a warm and caring person. I highly recommend her services. We are endlessly grateful for her role on Team Baby.

Shelly Rank


Samantha was an amazing resource and listener. We didn't know much about the birthing process but were ok being flexible. Samantha was supportive and offered advise but did so in a way that was respectful and informative.

During labor she was comforting and reassuring. She took the lead in supporting me and modeled for my husband what he could do to help. She offered to take photos during labor and after which seemed like a weird idea when I was pregnant but now I look at those photos with heavy emotions and happiness. She also recorded our birth story.

Throughout our birth, Sam was a supportive touchstone and guide and we are thankful we found her. I would highly recommend her for any type of pregnancy and birth plan. 

Liz Anderson


Our experience with Sam was amazing. We didn't know how much we'd need her until we were in the midst of a very long weekend labor and delivery. I was induced on a Saturday morning (after months of fearing our son was going to come too soon!) and he didn't finally make his way into the world until Monday morning. Sam was there, available for whatever we needed, a rock and a calming presence through the many hours and the many complications. She was great about getting me up and out of bed, trying different laboring techniques with me, and at being present (along with my husband) for every contraction. I truly needed them both and I would never have anticipated just how much! I am so thankful for her and the vital role she played. It was my hope to deliver without an epidural or other pain medication. In that end that is what we did and I believe it is very much connected to the fact that Sam was our doula. Without her, I think my husband and I would have grown tired more quickly and been more fearful--probably leading us to an epidural after the first day of laboring. 

We highly recommend Samantha. She's competent, calm, and a perfect mixture of laid back and direct. We are telling all of our friends to hire her! 

Amanda Maas


We knew Sam was a perfect match for us as soon as she began talking about the Boundary Waters at the interview! Sam provided a great deal of knowledge, resources, and comfort before, during and after labor. She is caring, gentle hearted and genially wants what you believe is best for you and your baby. Sam was open to our birth plan and supported us the whole way through. She provided us with strategies during labor and knew what to do exactly at the right moments. Sam provided the right amount of support both my husband and I needed during our labor. The thing we appreciated most about Sam was that she videoed the birth of our son! I never even though about having the birth recorded, but she did it and I treasure it every day! I feel she was a huge part of our peaceful birth! I would highly recommend Sam as your birth doula! She means well and has a very big heart!

Ryan Melling


We immediately clicked with Sam. As soon as she mentioned she spent a summer in Sweden, (I'm Scandinavian by heritage) I knew she was the one. She is laid back and friendly while being very thorough in how she went about finding out how she could fit into our birth plan. The best part for me was that she really wanted to get to know us. She spent a solid 3 hr afternoon at our house just getting to know us and our hopes for the birth. By the time we were in the delivery room we felt completely comfortable.

During our 20 hour delivery room session, Sam really helped make the time go by with keeping us moving, changing positions, and giving me chances to take a couple of my own breaks. She helped keep the room relaxed and kept us focused on what we needed to do to get through. In the end we got the unmediated child birth we were planing for and Sam's presence was a huge part of that.

Corianne Gregg


We had an amazing experience with Sam as our Doula. I felt connected to Sam immediately. She has a great energy about her combined with a positive, calm, and caring presence. We had so much fun just chatting with her. Our topics at our visits went beyond the birthing process. She provided us with a wealth of information and knew the right questions to ask to really get us thinking. Sam also helped us define our goals and have realistic expectations about the labor and delivery.

When our little guy decided to come early (and quickly!) with little notice Sam arrived what seemed like immediately after I informed her we were on the way to the hospital. I would say that the labor went smoothly and we achieved our goal of limited medical intervention. Sam stayed by my side the whole time supporting both me and my husband. Her presence, help, and encouragement made the experience so fulfilling and special. I look back on this day fondly and feel it was truly magical and that she played a major role in helping us to create that. She even helped us to capture some of that magic by taking photographs and keeping a detailed log of my labor. Sam is very passionate about her role as a doula and has great awe and respect for the birthing mother. She is an amazing person, mama, and doula. We feel so blessed to have had Sam there with us and highly recommend her!

Kelly Lilja


We connected with Samantha “Sam” through The Childbirth Collective during the winter of 2013 and she served as our doula for the birth of our daughter during April 2014. Sam is a wonderful woman and a very thoughtful, professional, and caring doula. She met with my husband and I prior to our daughter’s birth several times and we ended up laughing and chatting about all things pregnancy and childbirth while sipping coffee and tea. Leading up to the birth I knew I could count on Sam for support and positive energy, which helped relieve stress as my due date approached. Sam offered support and words of wisdom that lifted my spirits as my due date came and went while we waited for labor to begin. Sam was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Sam is well-trained as a doula and is very well educated about natural and limited intervention childbirth. She is also a mother herself, which adds to her deep understanding of expecting parents’ needs at this time in their life. She supported me the way I needed to be supported and was ready and willing to anticipate my needs before I could even communicate them. In essence she provided my husband and I with an invaluable set of hands, allowing us to focus on being together while she worked behind the scenes to write down key moments and events, fetch ice water, give amazing hip squeezes, lend a hand to hold, and add a voice of encouragement to “keep breathing.” I am happy to recommend Sam as a doula and sincerely believe she will be a fantastic part of your birthing team!

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