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Angela Morgand CD(DONA)

La Bonne Doula, LLC

Rocky River, OH Service range 40 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 48 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Former Board Member of the Northeast Ohio Doula Collective Womb Wellness Center, Circle of Life Birth Services

Languages Spoken

  • French

Fee Details

My services include a free consultation, two prenatals,continuous support during active labor until the early postpartum period and a postpartum visit 1-4 weeks after the birth. Postpartum doula services available (pre-certified). Reiki services available.

Rocky River, OH Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Angela Morgand CD(DONA)

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Laura Baus Kish


We hired Angela at about 37 weeks pregnant and it was a great decision! We spent months preparing ourselves for a natural birth experience and wanted to be sure we had the support we needed in the big day. Angela gave us peace of mind that we needed. After going six days past my due date, an ultrasound discovered low fluid levels and the doctor and midwife said I would need to be induced right away. Despite this scary prospect, we were able to use the lowest levels of intervention to kickstart labor and I wa able to labor and deliver naturally. Angela worked well with my husband to provide aromatherapy, constant water for me and encouragement for both of us. We naturally delivered a perfectly healthy little girl and are happy with our birth experience. You never know exactly how things will go so it was nice to have Angela's help as we faced challenges along the way. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone having a baby! 

Mrs MF


I had a wonderful experience with Angela. She is great at communicating and I was always able to text/email/call her with any questions and concerns. She was also very supportive of whatever I chose for my birth goals and is so professional. Angela had the experience and credentials I was looking for and has a very calming demeanor. Even when I unexpectedly learned I had to be induced, Angela was there to help me through the process in the days leading up to the induction and when I gave birth. She was a calming presence in the delivery room and I really appreciated that (especially when I had a complication of a hemorrhage after and she helped me by talking to me and being very calm about what was going on around me). She helped me use the birth ball, got cool rags and rubbed my back, was very attentive, and talked to me to as well so I could focus on other things as I like mental distraction. We are very appreciative of Angela's doula services and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Colleen Brennan Larned


Angela gave my husband and I the courage, knowledge, strength, and guidance to have the most wonderful, natural birth that we had no idea even existed. Her calm nature, easy going attitude, and positive vibes carried us through the entire experience. We would absolutely recommend Angela and if we have another baby, we will be requesting her doula services again! Such a wonderful experience for parents and their new little bundles of joy! Thank you so much! With love, Colleen & Evan

Maria Noutsou


Angela was a great doula for my birth. She was friendly and open to discussing the way I wanted my birth. The two prenatal appointements helped us a lot to get to know each other better and talk about all the birth details. Angela came to my house as soon as I asked her during my labor and was very helpful with everything we needed. She kept me hydrated and helped me with changing positions. My labor was long and Angela was there to support us! Thank you so much!

Stephanie Yuschak


i was 8 months pregnant when I was introduced to to Angela. I was looking for a doula who would be able to help me in my delivery of my first child. I was high risk throughout my pregnancy, due to previous medical conditions, age, and fetal development. I was already stressed and concerned for my health, and even more concerned for the life inside me. I wasnt supposed to conceive, and many medical experts were stunned when it happened. With all the new information, and professional advise on what I should do really made it overwhelming to enjoy the pregnancy. when I first met Angela, I told her my story, and instantly we connected. Even though it was late in the pregnancy, she was a god send to me. There are a lot of comforting and knowledgeable qualities that she had, that I didn't find with many. When it came down to the day my son arrived, Angela was there by my side, being my voice, and comforter. Many of the medical staff, and my family were very impressed with her. When I didn't think i could do anymore, she reassured me. She was definitely a blessing to have  with me. She always knew the questions to ask, the touch to comfort me, and never left my side. I was only dialated 3cm up until the very last second. To have her with me and by my side I don't know how I'd done it. She was my sanity, and my voice. She was able to calm my husband. She was there for me after my son was born. She is more than I could've ever asked for. I was excited to contact her last week to ask her if she would go through the journey with me again, this time from the start, as I am expecting my 2nd child late summer. If you're looking for doula, Angela is more than that! I will recommend her to everyone!! I am looking forward to our new journey this time around..????

Rena Victoria Williamson


Once I pitched the idea of having a doula at our birth, my husband was immediately on board. Despite being proactive about educating ourselves on the birthing process, the prospect of having someone who had experience and a soothing energy was very appealing to us. Though I love my mother and mother in law very much, we knew that we simply didn't want them in the birthing room with us. I interviewed two doulas and after telling my husband how the interviews went, he encouraged me to go with Angela (and I'm so glad he did!). When we imagined how our birth would be with a doula, and felt Angela matched our vision. She was able to deliver exactly what we wanted. We were lucky in that we had great delivery nurses but Angela was amazing support in ways that the nurses could not have been. She knew us personally and gauged the right times to encourage my husband to take a much needed reprieve and recharge. She also read me so well that she knew when I needed a comforting touch or comment and when I did not. We credit some of the success of our natural birth to her assistance and are so happy she was a part of our experience. We can't imagine things having gone any better and highly recommend her. 

Aleksandra Chojnacki


I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Angela. First of all, she was very knowledgable about birth and highly competent to act as a doula. During our pre-birth conversations it became clear to me that she had read the essential works on natural childbirth, which allowed us to have substantive conversations on the kind of birth I wanted and what interventions I wanted to stay away from. Second, her calm demeanor was extremely beneficial to me and allowed me to stay positivd and relaxed leading up to my birth. I should note that I had a very, very, quick delivery that lasted less than 90 minutes. My husband and I barely made it to the hospital - I gave birth within 5 minutes of being admitted to the hospital. Consequently, Angela just missed being present for the birth. Nevertheless, I am convinced that it was her approach to birth and her calm, reassuring presence (in the weeks prior to the birth, as well as on the day of my delivery through phone conversations) that helped me trust in my body and allowed for a smooth and quick natural delivery. Thank you Angela!!

Laurel VanMetre


In Hebrew there is a word, "beshert" that essentially means meant to be, or fateful. That is what my experience with Angela as my doula felt like! I had interviewed Angela and loved her and felt an instant connection to her, but because she didn't have any previous experience with homebirth and I was a first time mama I was hesitant. After talking it over with my husband, and interviewing another doula (that I also loved!) who did have homebirth experience, we ultimately decided that she would be a better fit. But when my doula asked who I wanted as a backup I requested Angela. Well on the day of my birth my doula just so happened to be at another birth that she had been a backup for. So Angela came over to attend to me. In spite of not having a prenatal visit with her or having discussed any of my preferences with her, the second she walked in the door I instantly felt at ease! She was there with me for probably around 15 hours or more, and she was 100% supportive and attuned to my needs the whole time! My husband said "everytime I looked at her she was just focused on your face, anticipating your needs". Angela kept me well hydrated, kept me fed so I had energy, and was constantly right there with ice cold washcloths, back pressure, and her rebozo to help me get through the hard work of active labor, transition and 4+ hours of pushing! I truly feel that she was a key part in helping me bring my 9 lb 4 oz baby into the world in a safe, calm, and magical way! I would absolutely recommend Angela as a doula, and she has also become an amazing friend! Ask her about birth drumming ;-)

Emily Sieg


When my husband and I learned we were having our first child and shared the news with our families, my mother strongly recommended that we hire a doula. At first I didn't really understand why, or how we would benefit from a doula, especially when nurses would be available to us at the hospital. So we read others' doula testimonials and decided to at least talk and meet with a few doulas to understand the support doulas provide throughout, during and after birth. When I first spoke with Angela on the phone, it felt like I was connecting with a long-time friend (and I am not a 'phone person'). We set up a time for the three of us to meet, and again, we had a very natural conversation where we all got to know each other a bit better before determining that my husband and I not only wanted to hire Angela, but that we were inviting her to be a part of the most amazing experience of our lives. In addition to meeting us at our home to develop and discuss our birth plan, Angela would always respond to my questions or concerns on the phone or via text. And when I did go into labor, I felt at ease knowing that Angela would be there - not only for me, but for my husband, as well. I was so glad that he did not have to feel alone, or helpless, throughout my labor. Angela supported both of us. And though she could not take the pain away, her calming tone and gentle suggestions kept me at ease. I felt completely safe and that I would be taken care of, no matter what may come. I am so grateful to Angela for being a part of the most wonderful day of our lives. She is such a naturally caring, down-to-earth person. It is very hard to put into words the comfort you can receive from a person, who is not your partner, while you are bringing a child into the world. I hope that this testimonial inspires you to at least set up an interview with Angela, she is truly wonderful!   

Renáta Héjja-Szabó


We chose Angela to be our doula for the birth of our first child. From the moment we met her we recognized her positive energy, knowledge, passion, attentiveness, patience, and love she had in providing her doula services. With those traits we knew there was no need to look any further. It was comforting to know that there was going to be someone with us for the entire birth and she was available throughout the last couple of months of my pregnancy to answer any questions.

She was always very responsive, professional and knowledgeable and we felt completely at ease with her by our side. I ended up being induced at 37 weeks so we didn't get to use all of Angela's tricks for helping with a natural labor, but she was a great help and advocate as I had to adapt to a new birth plan.  The whole experience was overwhelming and at times scary. She was there every step of the way helping guide us through the process. Angela also helped my husband be an active part of the labor, so we both had a positive birth experience.

In summary, hiring Angela was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We would definitely hire her again for any subsequent children.

Mary Breslin


When my husband and I found out I was pregnant, we knew we wanted a natural hospital birth with the support of a doula. After researching and interviewing we decided to hire Angela! I remember our intial phone call to set up a meeting - Angela was so genuinely excited for us and immediately felt like a friend. In our conversations and meetings I felt like Angela was really on board with my desire for a natural birth. Angela had great resources and educational suggestions - even lending her own materials to me. During labor Angela was always a step ahead, attending to every need - she suggested ways to cope with contractions, helped during them by applying cold wash clothes or counter pressure, making sure I was drinking and eating. She was also a great help to my husband as he was able to take breaks after a long day of laboring at home and know that Angela would care for me. Something that really stands out from my birth experience is that Angela was present yet behind the scenes - I was worried we would have too many people at our birth with the medical staff, my husband, sister-in-law, and a doula. Angela had a beautiful way of being present and active but never in the way or overbearing. She truely embodied the role of a doula in comforting, supporting, and educating. I would highly recommend Angela as an excellent doula!

Mary Coe


My husband, mother and I all enjoyed working with Angela.  Leading up to the birth, I was a little concerned about having so many "cooks in the kitchen", but Angela worked seamlessly with the rest of my support, filling in and making suggestions without overcrowding - ensuring that my close family was still involved.  She was especially important as my labor moved away from the natural birth I had planned; Angela's knowledge helped keep the experience as close to what I had wanted and she helped me and my husband know what to ask and consider as we started weighing options.

Angela was initially recommended by my midwife.  She was always available by phone or text as I prepared for childbirth and promptly answered all my questions.  Her questionnaire and our conversations helped me identify other areas I wanted to learn about, tearing and water birth, for example.  She is also a great resource as a mom in the area herself - she's had experience with many local doctors, pediatricians and other "off the beaten path" providers, like chiropractors.

I recommend Angela as a valuable member of your team who will work with anyone else you're planning to have with you and is a resource of local intelligence.

sharla hassing


I most recently gave birth for the third time with Angela as my doula. I have previously had two vaginal deliveries attended by a midwife in a hospital. This delivery was very different. First of all I was going to be delivering not my child but a child for another couple as I am a gestational carrier.  This was also my first delivery attended by a physician instead of a midwife. Angela was fantastic to have in teh delivery room and not just for me. Angela was able to help support my husband, who never had to leave my side because Angela was there to get whatever I needed. She did a lot of the running for us, at least I am told as I was in labor and don't really remember what other people were doing. My husband felt like he could not only focus on me but also if he needed to step away and go to the bathroom or get a snack Angela was there as someone I knew and trusted. Angela was also a great help to the baby's parents as they had never been to a vginal delivery and she was able to help them get ready to do skin to skin care after the birth. My favorite part of having Angela as my doula was the prenatal and postnatal visits. She really took the time to understand our unique situation and was so supportive of the process we were going through. I would recomend Angela to any pregnant woman but also to families that have a unique make up. She was so open to learning about the process we were envolved in and so supportive of everyone in the delivery room (me, my husband and the baby's parents). We are so greatful we had her to help support our birth and will cherish the memories from this delivery for a lifetime. 

Christine Steadman-Kelley


This was my second vaginal birth. My first birth I didn't have a doula and my experience was awful and very horrific. Despite wanting to go natural, I failed at doing so and unfortunately experienced an epidural hematoma. I needed a re-do this time around and wanted/needed a healing birth and Angela came highly recommended.

I hired her very late in the game, I believe I was already 37 weeks pregnant. Angela was the missing piece to my puzzle. She was amazing! My first impression of her was that she is very down to earth, passionate about what she does and super sweet! I went into labor on the exact day we were scheduled to have our first meeting. But that didn't seem to make much of a difference. She was very kind to everyone and put our minds at ease. She was so supportive and it was great to have both her and my husband as coaches, I loved having her as an extra set of hands. Most of the time she helped remind me to relax, breathe, etc as she would stroke my shoulders to relax as my hubby would apply constant pressure on my back. We made a great team! I was able to have the experience I wanted this time and successfully had an all natural birth. I as well now highly recommend Angela. She will help empower you to have the birth you want and support you along the way.  

Lauren Somogyi


Angela is amazing--she really helped me and my husband through the worst parts of labor, and was a strong support during the less exciting parts as well. She was present and engaged without being obtrusive, and worked so well with the labor and delivery staff at the hospital. I really can't recommend her enough, and my doctor thought she was such a welcome addition to the process!

Rachel Seeley


Angela provided wonderful support during the birth of my third child. Due to a relocation and health issues it was the first time I delivered in the hospital. Angela is a delightfully attentive and caring person. She provided helpful suggestions and support before, during and after my birth. Her presence helped set both myself and my husband at ease. Her knowledge of the birth process, suggestions during times of stress and frustration, and understanding of hospital routines made her an invaluable resource. My husband noted afterwards that he wished we would have had Angela present during our first two births as it made the entire experience - despite being in a hospital-  calm, pleasant, and enjoyable!

Jennifer Petro


I had decided that a natural unmedicated childbirth is what i wanted for me and my son. I was taking the Bradley Method classes & as time went by I knew i was going to need some extra support and guidance come delivery time. I chose Angela as my doula bc I knew right away from talking to her that she was genuinely caring, compassionate, down to earth, supportive and the just the right one for us. From the start she was very helpful, she was prompt in returning calls, texts, and emails and very good at recommending reading material that truly helped me a ton. I knew whenever I contacted her she was sincerely listening and always lookiing for ways to help, and was even there just to listen..which was really important to me. 

Unfortunetely my birth ended up the way I was praying it wouldn't. I did labor for 16 hours unmedicated, but was given pitocin, and an epidural that ended in a c section. She was a great help the whole way thru. Dont get me wrong my fiance was a great help too, but just having a loving non bias female that has gone thru childbirth as well by your side supporting you meant everything to me & the situation. My fiance was even so glad she was there, she gave him the confidence & stamina during delivery. We both can say that without her the experience would have been so much more difficult. Even tho the birth wasnt what i wanted i had the support& love to get me thru every minute of it. She has been very compassionate about how the birth turned out &has been a big help in helping me find the peace that i need. She directs me to support groups & continues to provide reading material that is helpful. Most importantly I know I can rely on her even now after everything and that we have a lifelong connection & friendship.

You can be assured that if you chose Angela she will be open ears, reliable, willing to help, and will do anything she can to help your birth experience before, during, and after.

Lauren Harvey


My first birth experience was everything I didn't want it to be. After a failure to progress I received an epidural, then pitocin, and then a cesarean section. I didn't get to hold my baby for hours after he was born and, although my son was healthy, I left feeling like I was a failure at childbirth. When I hired Angela as my doula for my second pregnancy my goals were minimal; I wanted to at least attempt a VBAC and to bring home another healthy baby.

As I spent more time talking with Angela and she challenged me to really think about what I wanted, I realized it was important to me to not only achieve a vaginal birth but do it naturally, with no interventions. Angela was enthusiastic and dedicated. She came to a chiropractic appt with me, texted me back at midnight and 6am when I needed support, and used a rebozo to help with my sciatic pain and baby's position. My husband was supportive, though he didn't really understand why I needed a doula to help me achieve my goals, but as he spent more time with Angela he saw the confidence and support she gave me, as well as the advice and education. I felt that my best chance for a natural VBAC depended on laboring at home as long as I could. Angela was by my side, providing physical and emotional support both at home and at the hospital. She rubbed my back, encouraged me, reassured me that everything I was going through was normal and necessary, and gave me confidence that I could do it. From my husband's viewpoint, she said all the things that only another woman who had been through it herself would know to say. Her presence helped assuage his own fears and made him more confident too. 

In the end, we were successful and my second son was born healthy via a med-free VBAC! I have never been more proud of myself and truly feel that Angela's support and wisdom gave me the extra strength I needed to achieve my goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Angela to anyone considering a doula. She is amazing!

Jessica Varni


My husband and I selected Angela as our doula based on a referral from an experienced (but unavialable) doula we met at our birthing classes. We were both quite nervous about the birthing experience, and Angela did an amazing job helping us de-stress and become more comfortable in the weeks leading up to our son's birth by talking to us about her past experiences, sharing stories from other doulas, recommending terrific reading materials, and keeping in constant communication via text and phone about every little question or worry.

My labor and delivery did not go smoothly (we were in the hospital for three days and eventually ended up with a c-section). Angela was with us through the entire experience and was an invaluable member of the team. She helped to corral my crazy family, kept my spirits up and my body hydrated, created space for my husband and helped him feel comfortable with his role, and gave us the second opinion we needed as the doctors and nurses offered various options to combat the challenges we faced. I cannot imagine how horrible the experience would have been without her. Instead, despite all the problems we encountered, I walked away with positive memories in addition to a beautiful baby.

My parents have four children and were also present when my niece was born with the assitance of another doula (in Virginia) and they have said to me several times how impressed they were with Angela and how glad they were that we hired her. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone.

Carrie Harney


When I was pregnant with my second son, I knew that I wanted to have a doula as a part of my labor team. I interviewed a couple of doulas, including Angela. We began communicating via email and I knew instantly that she would be the one. We quickly developed a friendship and a relationship that I cannot describe. It was almost as if we were sisters. After emailing for about a month or two, my husband and I met Angela in person and both agreed that she would be the doula along side us during the birth.

This immediate connection carried us through my labor and delivery. She was very supportive and very encouraging as my labor was long. She, along with my husband were able to pick me up when I didn't think I could go any further. It was really like having a part of my family with me there and we had only known each other for a few months. Angela was equipped with lots of ideas to help me through labor. She was simply amazing! I cannot imagine not having her with me. 

We still keep in contact and my son just turned a year! Angela will always hold a special place in my heart and life. She is an amazing doula!! 

Katie Sivak


I had a wonderful experience with Angela. This was my second pregnancy but felt like my first because my first was with twins. We delivered our twins in Chicago with some amazing nurses so my husband didn't really need to do anything.

With this pregnancy, since it wasn't "high risk" the nurses left me alone to fend for myself more.THANK GOODNESS Angela was there to hellp me. I had an amazing birthing expereince and I know it is because I had the love and support from her.

It was easy and actually FUN. She is caring, easy going, and down to earth. She really listens to her clients and makes sure she is helping them and assisting with their wants/needs. I decided to have the doctor break my water and to get an epidural. Even though Angela and my birthing paths could not have been anymore different- she was there to support me every step of the way.


Please feel free to contact me with specific questions


Katie M Sivak

Claire Moore


angela's name suits her perfectly. having her as my doula was like having an angel present at my sons birth. she was wonderful with our whole family and dealt with my anxiety and ambiguity about what type of birth i wanted with such patience. in the end she held my hand through a med free water birth of my 9 lb 1 oz son. im convinced i wouldnt have had anywhere near as peaceful a birth experience without her support. highly recommend!

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