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Rebekah LaLone, CD(DONA)

Solstice Doula Services, LLC

Enola, PA Service range 50 miles Will travel outside of a range, bid on individual basis


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 39 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 3 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Supported by midwife

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Birth Fee includes an in-depth prenatal visit, constant availability via phone/email/text for information and support leading up to the birth, time spent during labor and birth, and a postpartum visit with additional phone support as needed. I work as a solo doula practice, strongly supported by my dedicated colleagues for backup services. Please refer to my website for additional details or contact me with any questions! I'd love to meet you and talk.

Enola, PA Service range 50 miles Will travel outside of a range, bid on individual basis

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Erin Ross


Picking Rebekah for our doula was the best decision we could have made. She created such a sense of peace for us both not only during the birthing process but also throughout my pregnancy. She provided excellent tips for being more comfortable and was always a phone call away when I had questions. During the labor process, she was so helpful for not only me but especially for my husband, Isaak. She made sure he was taken care of too so he could focus his energy caring for me. Rebekah stayed for an hour after birth to make sure we were comfortable and then came for a follow up visit where she got to meet our daughter. I look back on my birthing process with nothing but gratitude for Rebekah as she made me feel so confident and live out the dream I had for bringing my daughter into the world. I would recommend her to anyone! 



My husband and I recently hired Rebekah to be our doula for the birth of our first child. We really enjoyed the experience. There were several things that we appreciated about Rebekah: first, we were glad to meet her in person and chat about things before we hired her. Second, we appreciated the home visit that she made before our son was born. It was very helpful to discuss expectations and our birth plan. Rebekah fit into our plan very well. Our goal was to have a natural unmedicated birth, and one of the reasons we hired Rebekah was to help with other ways to manage pain and to be an extra advocate for myself. 

The birth went well, and as my labor was not that long (only 4 hours in the hospital before he was born) there was not much of a chance for Rebekah to help me with the pain management. Her presence was very much appreciated, and not obtrusive at all. Her verbal encouragement was very helpful. During the birth, she also was important in helping us to stick to the birth plan--encouraging me to try things I had wanted to do, and checking with me whenever the nurses wanted to do something that she thought I might want to say no to. I appreciated how Rebekah helped me to be an active participant in my first birth story. It was a great experience!

After the birth, it was nice to visit with Rebekah and have a few of the gaps filled in with my quick labor. I definitely reccomend Rebekah if you would like to have extra help before, during, and after your birth. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


Jamie R.


Rebekah served as a night nanny for my family for six weeks after the birth of our second child. She came to our house 3x a week for overnights and helped with feedings and soothing our newborn, who was quite restive. She also helped out with the laundry, bottles and dishes. We loved having Rebekah- she gave us peace of mind to rest and always left the house in much better order than when I went to bed. She also was proactive in reaching out to see how things were going w our baby prior to each visit so that she could provide the best service to us. We wish we could have Rebekah with us all the time and I am sure another family will be lucky to have her help.

Kelly Throne


It's tough to know where to begin. I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted to have a natural/unmedicated birth and also knew I needed guidance from a woman who knows what they're doing. Birth can be a wonderful and peaceful experience and that's what I wanted. I wanted to be present and to feel every progression that my body and baby were making.

My husband and I met with Rebekah and knew she was the right fit. Especially after she answered the 100 questions I had for her! She was professional yet very personable. Most doula's are very knowledgable in what they do so the ultimate goal is to find someone you trust and feel comfortable with. Rebekah was that for me!

From the time we met Rebekah I could tell she genuinly cared about me and had a passion for what she does. She was available to answer questions and always got back to me quickly. She listened to my concerns and followed up with me if she hadn't heard from me in a little while.

Now to the big day! Rebekah came as soon as we felt we needed her. She was there to do anything I needed to get through each contraction. Whether it was to help suggest a new position, help me sip on some water to keep hydrated, or just offer words of encouragement, she was there. She even helped hold my leg while pushing so that my husband could be by my side to talk to me and rub my head. We were so happy to have her with us. She gave me the confidence and peace of mind needed to get through the most difficult task of my life and she gave my husband the confidence to be able to support and comfort me. I honestly didn't know how he would be during delivery but it turned out to be one of the most special times with my husband and that he was able to support me in such a loving way. Rebekah gave us that and I can't thank her enough. Doula's aren't just for women! Thank you, Rebekah!

Radi Rangelova


Rebekah is an amazing doula and we are so fortunate that she was part of our daughter's birth. We started looking for a doula late in the pregnancy, after being told that an epidural might be risky due to a previous back surgery. We decided not to even attempt it, but were worried about pain management and exhaustion. Rebekah was everything that we were hoping to find in a doula -- professional, informed, understanding, and supportive. During her initial visit she gave us clear and specific information about what anesthesia options would be offered to us and what each of them would mean, so that we could make an informed decision about delivery. She knew our birth plan, and made it clear that she would support any choice that we made for pain relief etc. (in the end I decided to go without any anesthesia). She checked in with us regularly in the weeks before my due date and was at the hospital with us within 45 minutes of our call. During the delivery she was great at knowing when to step in with information and support, when to step back and let me concentrate, and how to be attentive to my partner's protagonism in supporting me at that time. In addition to being an amazing doula, Rebekah is also the kindest and most thoughtful person, and she was a key reason why our birth experience went exactly the way that we were hoping it would go. We are forever grateful and we highly recommend her work!

Kim Wert


Rebekah was wonderful!  She met with me a couple's weeks before my due date to answer any questions I had, asked me what my birth plan was, and give me some helpful information on labor, delivery, pain management etc.  At that appointment she also showed me some ways I can reduce my discomfort as my pregnancy progressed.  

I called her as soon as my water broke and she helped by telling me the signs to look for and when to go in to the hospital.  Once at the hospital in early labor, she helped by getting my mind off the contractions as they came and answered all my husband's questions (so I could focus on letting the contraction pass).  She had lots of different techniques in coping with the contractions as they came which was immensely helpful.  After I progressed further and wanted to labor alone in a whirpool bath (my hospital had one in my delivery room), she always checked on me to ensure I didn't need anything and kept my husband company while I needed to be alone (which was such a relief knowing that I didn't have "worry" about him and how he was handling this whole ordeal).  She never pushed any agenda and was a wonderful advocate for me when I hit transition.  She knew my birth plan but also had the empathy to see when my needs changed and backed up my decisions 100%.  Truly an invaluable support person in the heat of labor.  Having her there 24/7 to rely on if I needed to turn in the middle of the night, a glass of water or anything I could think of was such a blessing.  It allowed my husband to rest more as well knowing he had someone to help me if he was too exhausted at that moment. 

Rebekah helped to meet both of our needs as we made our transition into parenthood in that labor and delivery room.  I could not have imagined our daughter's birth any other way.  Rebekah's knowledge was/is outstanding gave great comfort to me as a first time mom.

Nichole Conway


Rebekah was a vital facet within the process of earning/shaping the birth story we wanted to acheive for our second pregnancy. She is very intuitive, not at all pushy or intrusive and offers her knowledge when needed. She supported me during my labor when my husband needed to rest and also instructed my husband on how to better support me when he was able. Much like the ebb and flow of a tide, Rebekah was simply there when I needed her and wasn't when I didn't. 

I hired Rebekah based on her genuine personality and sweet-hearted nature. I felt a personal connection with her that made me comfortable with the idea of having her present during such a vulnerable and emotional moment in my life. 

My husband was happy to have Rebekah in our corner when it came to understanding and deciding on the medical processes that were presented to us within the hospital. She was able to provide us different bits of knowledge and information about the induction process we found ourselves immersed in and it was with her knowledge we were then able to make competent and confident decisions together for the medical care I received. 

My experience with Rebekah has convinced me of the utmost necessity of a doula's presence during my next delivery. We move often for my husband's job and if it were up to me, I would take Rebekah with me. I can only hope to meet another woman as caring and kind as her for our next labor.

Stacy Lee


When we met Rebekah for the first time I knew she was a perfect fit. She was friendly and kind while professional and informed. I am the kind of person who wants to know my options because I know the medical community has lots of reasons for doing what they do. I had a vision for my birth that was, as much as was in my control, slow, calm, and peaceful. I had a pretty difficult labor and delivery. Rebekah was with us in the hospital from about 8am on Saturday to 6pm on Sunday. She barely left my side the whole time and waited to leave until we were settled in our room with our precious boy. Throughout the labor process I needed to think through interventions that were not ideal but we were what we were dealing with. Rebekah graciously helped me think through the options so I felt like I was in control of my decisions and that I was making the best decision for the each unique situation. She had lots of great ideas for laboring well - positions, mindsets, focus, and comfort. I had leg spasms with each contraction and she was there every 2-3 minutes rubbing my legs for 34 hours with very little break. She is an absolute saint and I cannot imagine my birth story without her in it. I ended up needed a c-section and we asked if Rebekah could stay with me while they stitched me up while my husband went with the baby. She calmly talked to me while the anaesthesia made it so I couldn't swallow or breath a deep breath - she kept me distracted until it wore off. Before and after our baby was born, it was wonderful to have regular contact to help me think through and research what I wanted and needed. She was encouraging and supportive in a way that I feel forever indebted to her. You simply could not find a better partner to journey with you through this amazing, beautiful, intense, and life changing time. I cannot possibly recommend her more. She is a gift you will treasure forever.  

K Smeiles


Rebekah was our doula for the birth of our fourth child. She was incredibly knowledgable about preparing for labor and labor itself. She was a great support to me emotionally, providing encouragement in the final days and offering whatever she could do that we assit me as I journeyed to meeting our daughter. She also came afterward for a postpartum visit to help with laundry, dishes, sweeping the floor. She continues to be a resource for other services in the area and now, also, my friend! We highly recommend hiring Rebekah as your doula. She will give you the personalized attention you need for however your birth story will unfold. THANK YOU, Rebekah. <3

emily machado


My husband and I had a great experience with Rebekah as our doula. We met with her when I had about 6 weeks to go and immediately knew she was going to be the right fit for us. She has a wonderful balance of taking charge and not being pushy or overbearing. I never felt like I was at risk of being pressured into anything, and I never felt like I was going to be totally on my own. It was very comforting. 

She came to our house a week or two later and went over lots of helpful information about labor, and showed us several pain coping techniques. 

When I started early labor, I wasn't sure if my contractions were really happeneing, or how to properly time them. I called her and she was super helpful in helping me to understand. My labor ending up being extremely fast, and by the time I got to the hospital I was already 7cm dialated, and about an hour and a half later our baby was born. Rebekah lived about an hour away, so when she arrived I was already in the middle of pushing, but she didn't miss a beat. She dropped her stuff and immediately started helping. 

After our boy was born, she stayed for quite a while, even though my husband and I were pretty much passed out. She helped a lot with my after labor contractions and even took a photo of us passed out which is probably my favorite picture from the hospital. 

A couple weeks later she came to the house to answer any questions and brought us a meal. She even was conscious of my dietary restrictions. She periodically sends emails to check up on us and is still an amazing support.

We'd gone back and forth on our need for a doula, and even though my labor was so fast, we are so extremely grateful we decided to hire Rebekah. I think a true testiment to her awesomeness is that, even though everyone says my next baby will probably come even faster.. I'm sure we will hire her again, to be present with us.

Rebekah is a great doula!

Kellie Hegarty-Murphy


Rebekah played an integral part in the birth of our son! She is such a caring and kind person and doula. She took the time to make sure we had the tools to successfully deliver and care for our baby before, during and after birth. She provided a great support system for my husband and I and advocated for our wants during the delivery process. We are very happy we decided to have a doula with us during our pregnancy and more specifically we are happy we chose Rebekah!

Tracy Dotson Knight


Rebekah was an absolute Godsend for our family! She stepped in, seamlessly, at 36 weeks (we wanted 2 doulas so that our 2 sons had sibling support during the birth). She already had a wonderful relationship with our other doula and our boys took to her quickly! She offered so much emotional support during the last few weeks of pregnancy which was more stressful than normal due to increased monitoring of the baby.

When it was time for the natural induction, she checked in early to provide encouragement and humor and ensure that I knew to call as soon as needed. When called, she arrived even more quickly than anticipated. She entered the room while I was having a contraction and, without a word, immediately began hip squeezes for relief. She rotated between caring for my boys and caring for me, instinctively switching to meet whatever the needs were in the moment. When my 22mo needed a nap, she took him out of the room to get him to sleep. She returned and immediately resumed assisting me through contractions.

As the delivery neared, our boys got stir crazy! Instinctively, she took the boys to the play area so that I could focus on laboring. In the end, both of our birth doulas wound up serving us in delivery by caring for our boys. After the arrival of our little Owen, she assisted our 2 older boys in meeting their baby brother. Our middle child was getting especially fussy with all the excitement, so she took over caring for him while I got cleaned up and into bed. She laid him beside me when he noticed baby brother nursing and decided that he, too, was hungry! She even took our first tandem nursing picture! She helped my husband get dinner for the older boys, allowing me a few precious moments of peace with my newest little love. Rebekah was an amazing and invaluable member of our birth team. Her instincts and gentle nature, her heavenly hip squeezes and her comforting presence brought us so much peace in my birth experience. 

Jordan Shuhart


As a first time father/partner the thought of going through the birth process as my wife's sole support person was terrifying to the point that I searched out a doula (Rebekah) in the first trimester. I read every book I could find about pregnancy and delivery before our first meeting but was still concerend it wasnt enough.  She was incredible at explaining the process letting us both know what was normal to experience or worry about.  She was heavily involved from the time of our first meeting and was always quick to respond to a text or email even outside her on-call window. And when the time came for the delivery she was there to help me assist my wife in whatever capacity we required. She took lead when I needed a break even allowing me to go home shower and grab a bite to eat at one point reminding me that I needed to eat too, and overall provided a calm presence throughout the entire process. She works amazingly well with the hospital staff and never second guessed our medical decisions, she just was there to remind us to ask the questions that we forgot in the heat of the moment. If you are on the fence about a doula, just do it, you will not regret it.

To first time partners out there Rebekah was incredible ever step of the way helping me be the best support person I could be, I know I could have done it without her but the experience was made so much easier with her involved. When it comes time for baby #2 I know the first call I am making.

Linda Shuhart


Rebekah is such a wonderful spirit to have in the labor & delivery process! Meeting Rebekah early on in my pregnancy, my husband and I immediately felt at ease and were so happy to ask her to be part of our birth team. Throughout my pregnancy Rebekah kept in touch through text and e-mail, checking in and offering support with any questions we had. As my due date approached, she came for a home visit and reviewed the birthing process and things we did or did not want through labor, and techniques to survive contractions. Since Rebekah had not attended a birth at our hospital, we invited her to come with us to tour labor & delivery. While there she assisted in asking questions including ones we wouldn't have thought of and was a great support! I was induced at 39 weeks, and after communicating with my husband, she arrived shortly after the doctor broke my water. Through early labor, she was there to support and help my husband comfort me through the early contractions. With such low pain tolerance, I opted for an epidural early. Rebekah helped to keep a calm and comforting delivery room, we all rested and chatted and enjoyed our afternoon as labor progressed, it was like having a close friend there offering love and support. She kept us on track and helped us remember things that we had concern for and any other questions when the doctor and nurses tended to me, and she communicated with the evening nurse knowing what did and didn't work for baby and me. Once active labor began Rebekah was there by my side with my husband encouraging and comforting me through contractions, pushing, breathing and resting. Rebekah and my husband worked together and were the perfect team to guide me through bringing my baby into the world. After, Rebekah came back for a home visit and made sure we were well and didn’t have any concerns. We wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to be part of our birth team in the future and are so thankful we had her for our first!

Jehlisah Rae


Rebekah was great. Her support throughout the entire process was so extremely helpful for myself and for my husband. The prenatal sessions were helpful and educational but overall, the support we received during labor was the best we could have ever asked for. Rebekah arrived quickly when my husband gave her the go ahead and she stood by me the entire time! She reminded me to breathe and helped me relax. We could not have asked for a better doula. She even got me in touch with someone for placenta encapsulation! 

Jessica Ball


It was such a joy getting to know Rebekah throughout my pregnancy. She is caring, supportive, and full of knowledge and the thought of having her by my side during labor brought me so much peace! Although my labor didn't turn out the way I would've liked, (I had to have a scheduled C-section) Rebekah was very supportive in every way possible. I would highly recommend her!

Kelly Worthington


Our experience with Rebekah started because I was having some anxiety thinking about going through labor and delivery. I have a very supportive husband, but like me, had never done this before. So we went to a doula meet and greet and met Rebekah. After answering all our questions and explaining how she would be there to help us the entire way my husband and I both agreed that she was the right fit for us. She is kind, caring, knowledgeable, and very supportive. Any questions I was too afraid to look up for fear that I would find out more than I needed or wanted to know, I would ask her and she would get back to me immediately with just the right amount of detail and would give me resources that I could look up to find out more if I wanted to. Through out my entire pregnancy she calmed my fears and told me that I would be able to handle labor and delivery. In the end I found out I needed a c section so it wasn't what I had planned but having her there during my pregnancy made my husband and I enjoy it so much more because we could let go of a lot of the fears we had regarding the unknown. 

Christele Hoskote-Mariette


Rebekah is a very sweet doula. She is soft, dedicated and attentive to details. She was the second doula I used (the first was not available for the birth of my third child).  She came to our house to know me and share some of her technique. We had selected something I liked but when I was in labor I did not like it anymore. With very little she understood and switched to a different technique which was lowering my contractions pain by half!  She stayed after the birth until I was settled and also made a one week visit after. 

Her comunication is excellent in that she answers very promptly and always sweet and helpful. 

She is young but her dedication and love make her a very efficient doula

Jeremy Smith


Rebekah was a pleasure to have on our 'team'. She was very kind and open to hearing about our wishes for the birth and she made herfself available at all times to discuss any topics that we needed an extra opinion about. She was wonderful about checking in on us leading up to the big day, and sending us resources to help us prepare. She wasn't 'overly involved' in helping us prepare, but made it clear that she would be involved as much as we needed or wanted. Once our delivery day came, Rebekah was available as soon as we requested her, and stayed as long as we needed her at the hospital that night. Rebekah even stopped by a week after birth to see how we were doing and has continued to keep in touch to see if she can do anything for us. Thanks again Rebekah - it was a pleasure. Until the next one!

Sarah Smith


Rebekah was an awesome doula! She is very caring, listened well to any concerns or questions we had about the labor process, and offered articles/resources to us to help answer our questions in an unbiased way. She was sensitive to my needs when I wanted it quiet in labor room and when I needed to focus on my breathing. She was very responsive and always available when we needed her. She showed me and my husband rebozo moves to help me be more comfortable, appreciated her insight on that. She has a very sweet positive energy that was comforting to be around. i think that is really important when choosing a doula, to feel comfortable. 

Carrie McDannell


Rebekah was an awesome addition to our birth experience. We had 2 meetings with her prior to birth to go over positioning, what to expect , etc. We wanted to start labor at home and Becca gave us a lot of ideas for comfort and pain management. Needless to say births do not always go as planned, we needed to be induced and then I chose to get an epidural to handle pain. She was very supportive of all of our decisions and helped with pain and discomfort throughout labor with pressure and positioning in the bed. My husband was wonderful with helping but Becca put the icing on the cake so to speak, thinking of things he did not such as getting ice chips, applying lip balm and using the bed for increased comfort. I don't think I would ever want to give birth now without her! My husband appreciated everything she did as well for his comfort and mine. 

Becky Rivera


Rebekah is awesome!!!

My husband and I were very happy with the service and help we received from Rebekah.   She was very knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth and was able to answer questions we had and give us information we needed.  She had great communication.  She responded quickly to texts calls and emails.  Her schedule was pretty flexible and she was there and available when we needed her.  She even provided back up just in case but we didn't need back up because she was there.  We both felt very comfortable with her.  She is very easy to get along with and an honest trustworthy person.   We met with her 2 times prior to labor as promised and they helped my husband and I to feel prepared for the big day.  When labor came Rebekah met us at the hospital in the middle of the night and spent time with us there for several hours.  I was sent home that was night one of no sleep for us including Rebekah.  We went back to the hospital the next evening and I was admitted.   I labored all night all the next day and my a baby was born the night of Labor day 3. So she is in it for the long haul!  My labor was 55 hrs and 40 min.  And she was available to us the entire time. She helped me get through my contractions with massage and lots of encouraging words.  She was calm and helped me to stay calm.  She put me and my needs before her own. She had to have been tired and even hungry at times but she was there helping me through each contraction and there were many! She helped me so much! I am so thankful I had Rebekah there to support me.  Even though I had my husband I needed her. We don't always know how are husbands will handle the big stress and strain of the situation it's a lot for them mentally and emotionally and having her there was good for both of us. 

Thank you Rebekah! ?

Suzanne Smith


Rebekah was a fantastic doula!  She was my doula for the birth of our second child, my daughter Gemma, on September 30th, 2016.  We met with her once initially and things clicked, felt right.  I knew I could trust her to support me through birth and labor.  She came to our home twice prior to delivery and we talked about my preferences, birth plan and practiced various techniques with the rebozo shawl. 

When I went into labor in the wee hours of September 30th, Rebekah was ready to support us.  She actually beat my husband and I to Harrisburg Hospital and was there to support me from the outset.  Although my initial goal was to have a drug free deliver with Gemma as I had with my son two years prior, this labor was much more intense and the contractions were coming very quickly.  She helped me accept my decision to get an epidural and she and my husband took turns supporting me in various positions while I waited to get the epidural. She helped me stay positive in my thoughts and language while I labored rather quickly from 5 cm to 9 cm dilated before getting the epidural. She followed up with us and visited our home again a week after delivery.  She was fantastic at communicating and staying in touch from start to finish. She is a very warm, lovely person and I would recommend her to anyone seeking additional support during the birth process.

Town House


When I became pregnant with my first child last year, I knew nothing about what a doula was. As I was beginning the journey of my pregnancy, I continued to see the word doula. I decided to research it and found it very interesting. I finally decided to interview a few doulas and went with Rebekah. She is so kind, open minded and helpful. She goes above and beyond her responsibilities as a doula. During my pregnancy, I would mention something to her via text or email, and she would just automatically look up my concerns or questions without me even asking her to. She always had great advice and ideas throughout my whole pregnancy. She met with us a few times and even brought helpful handouts to one of our meetings to get my husband and me ready for childbirth. When my water broke 3 weeks early, she was right there as soon as my husband called her. She talked to us via the telephone to comfort us until she got to the hospital. When we told her we were ready for her, she was there at the hospital within 15 minutes! She was a huge help in making my husband feel more relaxed and making me feel so much more at ease as I worked through the contractions. She rubbed my feet, talked to me when I wanted her to or stayed quiet if that's what I wanted, got me water and other comfort measures during labor and childbirth. She was constantly there to hold my hand, give my husband and me moral support, and anything else that we needed. I recommend Rebekah as your doula 100 times over. She is kind, helpful and will be your friend for life. I still talk to her now! She makes sure you are feeling well weeks after giving childbirth and will do anything for you. After giving birth and having Rebekah by my side, I tell everyone about her and tell them that it was the best thing my husband and I could have done for the pregnancy. I sometimes wonder how we would have gotten through the labor and delivery without her! We will most certainly use her again and hope that you use her too!

Jennifer Buczynski


Rebekah was the perfect doula for our family! This was our third birth and as soon as i met her i knew i wanted her to be the one. She is so sweet and loving and helpful. Before birth we met a few times and discussed birth plans and how i wanted my labor to look. She lend me a book that proved to be very helpful for labor -- even though this was my third i still had things to learn! :) While i was laboring she was quick to give helpful suggestions -- when i was hot she brought a wet washcloth. When i was contracting she poured water over my belly (i was in a tub). She was quiet when i needed quiet and talkative when i wanted to talk. Just having her presence near me and my husband was helpful -- her words helped to give me extra strength when i thought i had no more. Rebekah brought peace with her! She visited us a week after Hannah was born and brought with her a typed version of my labor! i was really touched that she wrote down our birth story! i was so happy to not have to type it out myself haha! i absolutely will be recommending her to all of my pregnant friends! i am so glad we hired her!! Thank you Rebekah! 

Amanda Rae


We met Rebekah about two months or so prior to my due date, from the start I knew she would be a great match for us and I didn't even bother interviewing anyone else because I was so comfortable with her.  She was great with communication and keeping in touch with us from there on out.  I was actually texting with her the afternoon that my water broke!  When she got to the hospital I was in so much pain from the contractions, thinking I didn't want anyone touching or helping me at all, but literally the second she started pressing on parts of my back I was immediately at ease and the items she brought with her for my labor helped me tremendously.  I had my fiance, mom, and best friend in the delivery room as well and they were able to "enjoy" the experience a lot more because Rebekah was there to take care of me.  I was in labor from roughly around 9pm to 7:30am when I started pushing and had my son at 10:31am, all night Rebekah was quiet in her chair but alert enough to help get me a drink and do anything I needed her to, which allowed my family to sleep and be ready for the actual delivery.  At her follow-up with us at our home she brought me the most detailed written out birth story of meeting us and my labor/his birth and it is completely priceless to me.  She has every detail in it and things I would have never remembered.  She was a wonderful doula and would be a great choice for anyone looking! 

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