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Kristy Martin CD(DONA)

Cherry Blossom Doula Services 480-286-3097

Phoenix, AZ Service range 20 miles None


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 195 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2014

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 0 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
All hospitals I have extensive experience in most of the Valley Hospitals and would be happy to support you in this setting. I can provide referrals to natural-birth friendly providers and hospitals if this is your desire for your birth.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I love the comfort and home-like environment birth centers provide, and am happy to support you at our local birth center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am honored to support you at your home birth and can be a calming presence to you and your family as you labor in the safety of your own home.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Search Finders Adoptions/Relinquishments Volunteer AZ Birth Network Volunteer

Fee Details

I offer a standard birth package that includes a two hour prenatal visit, unlimited access via text/email, access to my personal resource list, assistance with your birth plan, on-call assistance from the time you go into labor, consistent support throughout your labor, initial breastfeeding support, photography during and in the moments following your birth, as well as a postpartum visit. In addition, I offer full spectrum birth photography, placenta encapsulation, and postpartum doula services. Please see my website for more details and I hope to hear from you soon!

Phoenix, AZ Service range 20 miles None

Client Testimonials for Kristy Martin CD(DONA)

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Sarah Malia Butler


Kristy was a wonderful doula. She was so helpful at every stage of our journey. I felt so relieved to have her knowledge and expertise to rely on when I had questions, especially when early signs of labor began. She was an excellent coach through labor and delivery, and she was there for me when baby blues hit. She is resourceful and positive and I had a great experience with her! 



my experience was wonderful from the time we met to the time i delivered my son. I went slightly over my due date and was head strong with going the natural route. Not to mention first time mom. she was always available via text or phone call and answered any questions I had, no matter how far gone they were. We went on several occasions in addition to phone chatting and she came over a few weeks prior to due date to help with packing work on positioning and to assist my husband with any questions and hands on techniques she thought would be helpful. I labored at home with my husband and her available via phone listening in on my progress. I wanted to wait until the last minute which was hard becuase I live about 40 minutes from the hospital I delivered at. Long story short we got to the hospital at 11:30 that night ( she was there), stayed by our sides the ENTIRE time until 12:30 the next afternoon after giving birth. she was sooo supportive of all my wishes and was a great support and cheerleader to both my husband and I. I HIGHLY recommend her services.  she came to visit me post partum and still till this day I call/ text her with any mommy concerns I have given that she is an experienced mom herself. Go with Kristy you wont be disappointed. 

Kristie Wnuk


As a 37 year old first time mother to be, the entire pregnancy and birth process scared me to death, to say the least.   Until finding out I was pregnant, I had been seeing a naturopath as my main form of "healthcare" as the standard health system scared me due to having not so good experiences in the past.    Choosing a doula to help me through the entire process felt much more natural to me, than depending soley on my doctor. Also, having someone that went through the birthing process already, as well as at an age close to mine made me feel much more comfortable than going through it alone as I was able to get honest insight as to what to expect and how to get through it.

Kristy made me feel extremely comfortable with entire process from the first meeting.  She made sure I understood what the process would be, answered all of my questions very honestly and was very accomodating to my needs pertaining to how I wanted the birth process to go.   When it came time to give birth, Kristy was my (and my husbands) saving grace.   I had no idea what to expect or that during much of the laboring process you are pretty much alone.   Kristy was there throughout and was able to help me through the contractions and the birth in a way that even my husband was not able to do.   If she was not there, I honestly do not know how I would have gotten through it on my own.   I can 100% say that hiring Kristy as my doula was one of the best decisions made and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.   

Elizabeth Neu


This was my second time using Kristy. I just love her so much. She was always available by phone or text. Even if it was just I needed some motivation to get through that last month. She waited for our call to come to the hospital and she was a rock for myself and my fiance. She gave gentle suggestions on position changes to help bring baby down. That included sitting on the toilet and encouraging me through contractions. She also gave me different positions to try in the labor tub when I was starting to get into transition. One of the most heart warming things was during pushing, when baby was 1 push away and the pressure and feeling was so intense she leaned in a told me in a low calm comforting voice "everything you're feeling is normal. You are safe and your baby is safe." That's what I needed to give that one last push. Have Kristy there helped me to acheive my perfect birth finally. She was wonderful for me during labor and helping my finance cope with me in labor. Her warm, kind, spirit is something hard to come by. We love her like she's apart of the family. 




Kristy is fantastic! I delivered my first baby this past April. Several friends recommended that I hire a doula and after some research I was able to meet Kristy. She made me feel at ease right away and I knew I had found a great match to help me. She was always available whenever I had a question no matter how silly it might have been. When labor started my birth plan changed slightly from what I had anticipated but Kristy was there to keep me calm and advocate for me with the hospital staff. I can honestly say as nervous as I was for delivery, once the time came I was able to mostly relax and just focus on delivering my daughter with Kristy’s help. Both my husband and I were extremely happy that we had Kristy throughout this experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Kristina Barr


Kristy was absolutetly wonderful to work with from start to finish. We brought her on kinda late in my pregancy because I started to get nervous about not knowing what to do during the birthing process. Kristy met with us quickly, was very prompt with all communication and was able to fit us in her schedule. I really loved working with Kristy because I felt like she was not judgemental at all, she made sure that the experience was what I wanted, even if that ended up including medication (which is ultimately did). She met with us ahead of time to walk through our birth plan and give us an idea of what would happen day of birth. When our girl finally decided to arrive, Kristy was present and very hands on the whole time. For the 9 hours that I labored without medication with Kristy she was very hands on, guiding me though each contraction and making sure that my husband remained apart of the process. She was extremly knowledgable about each stage of labor and really helped speed up my contractions to get me to the hospital. When I finally decided to get medication I felt supported in my decision and Kristy stuck around for the additional 10+ hours that it took for our girl to arrive. I am so greatful for her calming presence and the chance to get to know her during this process. She has been around after birth to answer any of my questions and I can tell she genuinely care about each client she takes on. I would absolutetly use her again and am so grateful to have had her during my first birth!

Jaimie Marie


Kristy was amazing support for me as my doula throughout my first pregnancy and delivery. Being a first-time mom, I didn't know what to expect with labor and she played such an invaluable role in the success of my beautiful and natural birth of my first baby. She knew exactly how to support me and was so in tune with my needs throughout the process. She has so much experience supporting moms, and it's was so evident throughout my pregnancy when I had questions and during labor and delivery. I can honestly say that I would not have had the birth experience that I wanted without her. I am so grateful for her services and support and I would highly encourage anyone who is considering hiring a doula to meet with her and get to know her! Thank you, Kristy, for all that you do!


Shelby Coonrod


My husband and I are so grateful we had Kristy as a doula! I had an unplanned unmedicated birth and I was not prepared AT ALL! Kristy was amazing helping me through it and I have no idea what I would have done without her! 

Stacey Alexander


I am SO happy that I recruited Kristy as my doula! I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy (this was my first) that I would try and deliver this baby naturally, so I knew I'd need the support of a doula. Kristy was an excellent communicator, easy to reach, had a wealth of experience with pregnancy and labor, and did a great job supporting me and my husband through this process. Not to mention, she captured some incredible photos of my child being born! I would recommend her without any reservations to any woman looking for additional support and knowledge throughout her pregnancy and delivery. 

Shivana Naidoo



I was so fortunate to work with Kristy Martin. She was essential to ensure a safe, and enjoyuable birthing experience.  She was kind, sweet, cheerful, providing a lovely ricebag/heating pad that was so helpful that last trimester, and a plethora of information via handouts and websites. She came to our home prior to the birth, and met us promptly at the hospital.  I had prelabor sx the week before, and she provided reassurance, guidance and encouragement.  On the day of my son's birth, she met us at the hospital and knew just what to do in order to make me feel comfortable- compressing my hips, helping me breathe and use aromatherapy.  In Triage, they discovered bulging membranes,  and a strong concern for cord compression- and thus risk of decels in the baby,  and emergency c section for me. Kristy quickly thought of using a water tub- where I rested for about 30 min with some pretty candles and lavender scented water- to assist in the movement of this cord- which it did!  Without her prompt intervention, I would have ended up in an emergency c section.

I don't have any family here in Arizona, and Kristy stayed with me and my husband well after the birth, until we finally got into our room and were settled with our little one.  She came to visit me afterwards and gave me a fantastic recommendation for a lactation specialist.  She provided a link with a number of pictures, that we cherish to this day. 

As a doctor, I understand all too well, the risks and challenges associated with childbirth. I wanted to be sure to have a doula who was competent, compassionate, but also respectful of my decision making. Kristy was all that and more.

I am eternally grateful for the role Kristy has played in our lives and the wonderful birth of our son. She is fantastic, I would recommend her to everyone!

Shivana Naidoo, MD

nushay ginn


My Husband and I did not know what to expect,it was our first time having a Doula... by far we were most SUPRISE by the dynamic service and comfort from Kristy Martin... from beginning to end she was our support  warrior.  With her knowledge and calming voice we were in for a treat.... 

Kristy made sure she communicated with my husband and I with all questions and concerns. Our labor day was full of emotions Kristy was more than supportive she reminded me that "I was in a safe place" and those words helped me out so much... also the fact she captured moments of labor I did not remember was a super plus as well... I'm most grateful for her .



Thank You so Much Kristy 

Labor of love 







Caitlin Racco


Kristy was an excellent part of our pre birthing and birthing process.  She explained everything will and made us feel comfortable.  During labor she coached me in breathing and staying focused and was always an advocate for me.  We really appreciated her willingness to be available when needed and how kind she was.  We would recommend her service to anyone.

Thank you.


Jessica Conklin


My husband and I were lucky to have found Kristy through DoulaMatch. We decided we would like to go for an unmedicated birth and knew a doula would be a great source of energy and experience to have around. From the first time we met her we knew we were in great hands. Her love for babies and her respect for the mother's wishes was so reassuring. When we found out the baby was breech, she gave me so many resources and tools to use to help turn baby. Unfortunatlely, baby wouldn't turn (had a very large head) so we had a c-section. Kristy arrived early at the hospital and stayed with my husband before and during the procedure. She took amazing photos and helped advocate for me when I was unsure what I needed/wanted. When I could finally nurse baby in recovery, Kristy helped with proper positioning and latching. She even came by a week after we got home to check on me and how I was doing physically and mentally. I couldn't have asked for better help than Kristy! I know my husband and I will definitley be calling her when we decide to expand our family.


Aimee Elizabeth Little


Kristy was amazing. My birth went so quickly that we didn't have time for all of the wonderful comfort measures she had prepared but my husband and I both agreed that having her comforting presence in triage was absolutely worth it. She was indispensable while I nwas pushing--reassuring me and supporting me. She was such a cricual part of my positive natural birth. In addition, she captured baby's precious first moments with my family and we will treasure those special photos. She also offered so much antenatal and postpartum support. I knew I could call or text her about anything. I can't praise her enough! 

Cristine Rudd


I had a c-section with my first child. It was an awful experience - a very long, painful labor that ended in surgery. I swore to the nurses that I would never be back. Well, I changed my mind of course, as the memory of that experience faded away, and I became pregnant again. I immediately sought out the help of midwives instead of doctors, but more importantly, I knew I needed a doula. There was no way I would be able to survive another birth on my own, and I absolutely did not want to have to recover from another c-section.

Luckily, I found Kristy and she helped me have a successful v-bac (vaginal birth after cesarean). In all 100% honesty, I would have had another c-section if it weren't for her. I had another long labor in the hospital, but she was by my side coaching me through every step. She used essential oils when I became nauseous. She made sure that the lights stayed off and the atmosphere was relaxing. Most importantly for me, she was a very calming presence. When all I wanted to do was yell at my husband and run out of the building, she was there to keep me focused. My husband was skeptical about hiring a doula, but even he said that there is no way we could have done that without her. 

Beyond being an effective doula, Kristy is a really nice person. She cares about you and will keep in contact with you during pregnancy and after delivery, just to make sure you are doing okay. Never once did she push her personal beliefs onto my birth plan. She encouraged me to push for what I wanted and she offered advice whenever I asked. She's also full of wisdom for dealing with the aches and pains of pregnancy and recovery. 

If you are looking for a doula, I highly recommend Kristy. She was a random doula I found on this site, but she ended up being our saving grace. She went way above and beyond our expectations. I'm thankful every day that she was there to help. 

Thersa Ketwig


Kristy is simply AMAZING! I highly recommend Kristy as a doula. Not only was she there for my delivery but she was there whenever I had a question or was feeling something out of the ordinary- and as a first time mom I had a lot of those times! I felt totally comfortable and at ease with her. I was able to have my beautiful, peaceful dream birth without any interventions (yay) and I couldn't have done it without her!! Just thinking about how perfect it was brings tears to my eyes! She not only helped me but my husband as well. When my labor started she worked with him to make sure he didn't take me to the hospital too early, calmed his nerves, offered suggestions and was so supportive of both of us. Seeing her waiting for us as we walked into the hospital calmed me down and she immediately went into action with helping us reach our birthing goals and having our back. I couldn't have been happier in our decison to use her as a doula and am happy to offer any additional input if you are considering having her be a part of your journey. I am so eternally grateful that she was there during the most special and spiritual moment of my life as we brought our baby boy earthside.

Marrisa G.


For anyone on the fence about getting a doula, I highly recommend it and I recommend meeting with Kristy to see if you are a good fit.  Kristy's love, compassion and experience make her perfect for the job.  Kristy was there for me 24/7 leading up to my due date, answering any and all questions and concerns.  When she says call or text anytime, she means it.  One of my concerns was figuring out when to head to the hospital and she was there to guide me concerning how long to labor at home or go to the hospital to get checked out.  I had quite a long labor, so it was great to have someone there besides my husband, to hold my hand and encourage me along the way.  The oils she brought helped keep me relaxed and her massages were great too.  Kristy also has 4 kids, with 4 completely different birthing experiences, so she will likely know exactly what you are going through.  She was also there for my husband and I after our son arrived.  I had trouble with breastfeeding and she made me realize that at some point, it may not work and the added stress and anxiety caused from trying to make it work may not be worth it.  After a tongue tie revision, we got breastfeeding figured out and she was truly thrilled for us.

Having a doula, specifically Kristy, was one of the best decisions we've ever made.  All the stress and anxiety of not knowing what to expect or what was ahead of us was quickly lifted by her, through her knowledge and experience.  If we were to have a second child, we would book her again in a heartbeat.

Anilu Luna


Kristy is definitely someone who truly cares about you and your journey to motherhood. As a first-time mom, away from my own mom, I was looking for a doula to offer me guidance and support during my pregnancy as well as during labor. Kristy and I met various times to create a birth plan and to discuss comfort measures during labor. Kristy also answered all the questions I had about pregnancy, even if they were silly. When it came time to give birth to my daughter, Kristy provided comfort measures through text (my labor was very slow and painful). Even though my birth plan went flying out the window, Kristy came to the hospital during my c-section, came to check on me and my daughter, and took some sweet/candid photos of my family and I. About a month later, Kristy and I met for a post-partum check-in. I am so happy I hired Kristy to be my doula! She is extremely experienced, she is warm, kind, friendly, and most importantly, she listens to you and your wants and needs. :) 

Stacey Gowdy


I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted to have a natural birth. And that I would want to have a doula for added support and guidance. And I'm so happy I picked Kristy. I succeeded my goal of giving birth naturally and I have Kristy to thank for that.

She helped me come up with a birth plan and brought up things I would have never thought of to help prepare for my plans. It made me feel as ease to know I prepared as much as I could and to have all the information about labor beforehand.

The night my labor started she was fast to respond to let me know that I was for sure in labor and not just Braxton Hicks contractions. Around 4 in the morning my contractions got more intense and she came by my house, because I wasn't ready to go to the hospital yet. She helped with great techniques on how to help with the contractions. And showed my husband ways he could also help me. When I was ready we went to the hospital.

At the hospital she was with me the whole time. A lot of the time it was just me and Kristy and my husband in the labor room. Having that extra support really helped. Going through labor was the hardest thing I ever did and getting extra care and help at the time is something I think every woman needs.

If you’re looking for a doula Kristy should be your pick. I was 100% satisfied with her service and so was my husband. Words cannot express enough how grateful I was to her during my labor.

Sarah Wamsley


My first born was breech and a scheduled c-section, so when I got pregnant again I knew I wanted to try for a vbac.  I clicked with Kristy right away over the phone.  She is easy to talk to and was open to all delivery options.  Kristy was avaliable anytime I had a question or concern with thinking I was going into labor, which I was overly optimisitc in thinking I was in labor.  When I finally went into labor, for real, at 41 weeks, my husband and I met Kristy at the hospital.  She was indespensible when it came to helping me get comfortable to changing positions.  She calmly talked me and my husband through each stage and contraction.  My labor progressed quickly and Kristy helped me with get through without medication.  I wanted to go natural, but I was open to the idea of drugs and Kristy was there to support either decision.  Kristy stayed in the room after delivery to help my husband and baby while I got some stitches and then to help me start breastfeeding. After getting home, Kristy checked in to make sure everything was going well and then also came for a home visit at about a week and a half.  The home visit was such a nice break in the day.  I was able to ask questions about recovery and breastfeeding and Kristy was able to share her experiences.  She also helped me fill in some gaps from labor.  Overall, I was exteremly impressed with Kristy's knowledge and caring.  She is a wonderful asset to any labor team, because she helps form and create a team with everyone in the delivery room.  I had the birth experience I was wanting and I cannot thank Kristy enough.   

Paola Segnini


I had originally planned to meet several doulas before settling on a person, but Kristy was so warm and nice that I decided to go with her without talking to anybody else. I was very anxious my whole pregnancy because I was hoping for a V-BAC and Kristy was always very reassuring. I had a very emotional delivery because I had to be induced at 42 weeks, and the days leading up to it were full of uncertainty. Kristy was readily available to talk to me and help me breathe through the problems. Sadly, I did not end up having the V-BAC I was hoping for, but Kristy was of great emotional support after we decided to stop the induction and go with the c-section; she helped me understand I'd done absolutely everything to make things happen. She was there with me in the OR and she has continued to help me grieve the birth I intended to have, but could not achieve, even months later. Even though my labor wasn't short or easy, Kristy made sure I had a friendly face and she encouraged me and cheered me up. She knew I had a bad experience with my previous c-section, and she helped make things go smoothly this time. She talked to my providers and made sure I was heard. Her proactive work to set up my family-centered c-section allowed my husband to be with me and comfort me while we waited for the procedure. I'll never forget her smiling face when my ray of sunshine was born.

Kelly Paul


I am so glad that I had the good fortune of meeting Kristy and having her as my doula! This was my 2nd pregnancy. The 1st had been a c-section, due to breech presentation. I had really been hoping to do a v-bac this time, but was fearful it would end in c-section again, & felt a lot of apprehension about the labor and delivery process. There were so many unknowns about natural birth. After speaking to a co-worker, my husband suggested I hire a doula. We were referred to Kristy, & after the initial meeting with her, I felt certain that I needed her as part of my birthing team. She had such a calming, confident demeanor, & was so easy to talk to. I felt comfortable with her from the start, & she helped to ease my fears about labor from our 1st meeting. 

Kristy was available anytime. In addition to the 1st meeting, we had 2 others. It was so helpful to be walked through what the process would be like, & to have options explained, so I was making informed decisions. Kristy made sure my husband & I knew what to do when contractions started. She was in frequent contact leading up to my due date, checking on my progress & encouraging me as the repeat c-section date drew nearer. With Kristy's help, I was able to take a few extra measures, which I am positive helped me go into labor 1 day before my due date!

At the hospital, Kristy immediately jumped into action, encouraging & helping me through contractions. She helped guide my husband through ways he could help support me, & I was able to focus on my job. Kristy played calming music, used essential oils, & managed to get some photos in the delivery room, even though I progressed so fast. She was such a positive aspect of my delivery, & I don't think I would've gone through delivery with no epidural without her guidance. I am so grateful for all that Kristy did to help bring my baby into this world & to help me remain present throughout the process.

Amanda Shaw


We met Kristy over coffee about a month and a half before my daughter was born. My husband and I had talked about doing a natural birth in the hospital but really didn't take any initiative into how we would actually do that. When we were close to "crunch" time we decided to look a doula and spoke with a couple before we found Kristy. By the time we had our meeting with coffee we were on the fence with using a doula or trying it on our own. After we meeting her, we had an instant connection and decided she was the one. Kristy has such a sweet demeanor, she was real with us, understanding of our needs and couldn't have been better on the day of the delivery. We had done a few classes with Kristy leading up to the delivery and she had provided several blogs, books and resources for us to look into. The labor techniques she showed us got us through 15 hours of labor at home. By the time we made it to the hospital I thought I would have easily been dilated to a 7, not even close! When they checked me at the hospital the nurse announced that I was only at a 3 but 90% effaced. Naturally I felt totally crushed and defeated but Kristy was right there with my husband and I and was a huge support. I labored for another 6 hours before I threw in the towel and got an epidural. This was certainly no reflection on Kristy's part, as she was extremely supportive and encouraging throughout the ENTIRE process. Long story short, I labored for another 8 hours before I ended up going into emergency surgery and met our healthy baby girl after a very long 29 hours! My intention was to have a natural birth but sometimes Gods plans are different. Kritsy helped us truly understand that this process doesn't always go as we planned but in the end we have an incredible experience to look back on and most importantly our baby is healthy and happy. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Kristy to anyone who is having a baby!

Cassandra Antonucci


This was the second birth that we had Kristy by our side for ?? This time was suuuuper quick! But Kristy had been checking in with me periodically leading up to my due date and was always encouraging and helpful with any information I needed. By the time I was headed to the hospital, even tho I wasn't convinced I was actually in labor, I asked her to go ahead and meet us at the hospital anyways, which of course she did with out hesitation. She got to the hospital shortly after I was taken back to triage and an hour later I was pushing my baby out! She hardly had time to use any of her tools from her bag of magic :P but I wasn't gonna complain about the super quick labor and birth! Her constant words of affirmation and courage to through that quick labor were so needed and appreciated, and the cool rag on my face and faning while I pushed were amazing! And she also caught some great pics and video for us to have to remember the day by, which i am so grateful for because it went so quick it's all a blur! We plan on a fourth kid, and as long as we're here in AZ we'll be calling her in again! I will always encourage women to find a doula to support them in their labor ?? 

Courtney Kolling


Kristy was wonderful! I loved that I was able to view her profile, testimonials & website prior to contacting her. I really felt like I knew her before even meeting her. We met a few times, I was given paperwork to complete & info. on what to expect from her and my preferred comfort measures. We went over my birth plan & she gave me recommendations. She was there for me via phone or text when needed & I would update her after my midwife appointments. She was always so supportive & encouraging. When labor began for me, it came on really quick (under 4 hours from the first contraction to birth), and Kristy rushed to meet me at the hospital. She was there for me as soon as I got to the hospital. She helped me labor in the tub, used essential oils, played calming music, recommended different labor positions, gave encouragement & guidance, etc. She also took amazing photos of my baby being born! I'm so happy and thankful Kristy helped me through my pregnancy, labor & delivery! It was so worth it. My experience was much more positive because of her. Thank you, Kristy!!

Courtney Kolling


Kristy was wonderful! I loved that I was able to view her profile, testimonials & website prior to contacting her. I really felt like I knew her before even meeting her. We met a few times, I was given paperwork to complete & info. on what to expect from her and my preferred comfort measures. We went over my birth plan & she gave me recommendations. She was there for me via phone or text when needed & I would update her after my midwife appointments. She was always so supportive & encouraging. When labor began for me, it came on really quick (under 4 hours from the first contraction to birth), and Kristy rushed to meet me at the hospital. She was there for me as soon as I got to the hospital. She helped me labor in the tub, used essential oils, played calming music, recommended different labor positions, gave encouragement & guidance, etc. She also took amazing photos of my baby being born! I'm so happy and thankful Kristy helped me through my pregnancy, labor & delivery! It was so worth it. My experience was much more positive because of her. Thank you, Kristy!!

Victoria Lushnikov


Kristy is amazing! I highly recommend her. This was my second pregnancy and hiring a doula was something we have decided to do differently this time. I was also attempting a VBAC. Ever since we hired Kristy (like 5 months in advance), she has been always helpful addressing concerns I was having regarding my pregnancy and answering questions (even when doctors did not provide support). During the labor she was so helpful to me and my husband. I can't imagine going through labor pains without her. Once I got an epidural, Kristy stayed with me through the night and several rounds of pushing until the decision of c-section was made. Despite of the surgery I feel my recovery has been amazing and very different than the first time. I know Kristy was a big part of this difference.

Stacey Zellers


At 42 years of age, with three elementary age children (all conceived with fertility treatments), I was beyond surprised when I found out I was pregnant. In fact, I was petrified and knew with this one I would need a lot of support (after all, it had been 6 years since experiencing birth/labor/pregnancy). I found Kristy and was so very glad I did! She was a true blessing. She was compassionate as she listened to all of my fears and concerns being an "older" mom. Her support, kindness and ability to know just what I did and didn't need during a long "pre-labor" and my longest pregnancy yet was truly helpful in making this journey a little less overwhelming for me and my family. She helped me ask the right questions of my doctors and was always a phone call/text away when I needed advice and encouragement. I would recommend Kristy to anyone who would want extra support with bringing a new life into this world! She is truly amazing.

Alicia Perez


We don’t have family in town and wanted to have a doula for the birth of our second child. When we met Kristy we knew for sure that we wanted her support, knowledge and kindness to be part of our birth experience. Kristy listened with great empathy the story of our first childbirth, the complications we had then, and the fears we had with this second pregnancy. She helped us to ease our worries by providing information and prepare us for a natural birth. When it was time for labor, Kristy came to our home to help me with contractions. When we got to the hospital, we didn’t get the oils, or the music or the massages as we had planned. Everything happened really fast there was not time for that. We got much more. Kristy was there by my side and gave me the strength to enjoy the perfect experience of delivering our healthy beautiful daughter without the need of medication. Kristy stayed by my side, supporting my husband, when things got “crazier” with complications I had after delivery. It was Kristy who was with my husband when they were asked to leave the room as nurses rushed in to help the doctor with my complications. It was Kristy who offered support and advise to my husband to deal with the stress and worry of not knowing exactly what was going on with me. Kristy was holding my baby close to my face to feel her close when I was coming in and out of consciousness. She came back the next day to the hospital to offer support, a shoulder to cry on, and be that friendly companion I needed so much at the moment. Her support has been crucial for my recovery. Not only she was calling or texting continuously to make sure I was doing well, but she also connected me with the right resources to continue with my physical and emotional recovery. We cannot imagine going through this wild ride without her. We hired a doula to help us with the birth of our child. We ended getting a friend that will have a special space in our hearts forever! 

thaddeus arringer


from a guys perspective Kristy was fantastic. She was not overbearing and was truly there for my wife's needs! I would highly recommend her for a  home birth or a birthing center.

Bridgette Yawitz


Kristy Martin is amazing at what she does not only for the mother-to-be, but for the support of the husband. She was always there for me when I had questions or concerns! The support she gives is a must for anyone going to be a parent. Seriously, couldn't have done it without her!

Mark Yawitz


I am a terrible writer, but I'll give this s shot. Kristy is A+++++++. We had our first child last week. He is amazing! The wife and I met Kristy a moth or two before our boy was born. She went over what to expect, what a birth plan was, when to goto the hospital and so much more. I thought a father sat in a waiting room smoking a cigar waiting to hear from the doc before I met her.

Everything she said we may experienced, we experienced. She helped us prepare, took calls when my wife went into labor, came to our house to help her get through the contraction pain and met us at the hospital.

As a first time dad it was hard to watch my wife in pain, but Kristy helped with everything....eased the uneasy and the unknown.

When she first mentioned a "birth plan" I wasn't sure why would would need it. I thought we would be able to tell the Doc what we wanted and when. After two days without sleep that birth plan was activated. Kristy was with us from labor to birth.

If you're thinking DOULA think YES and then call KRISTY MARTIN!

Thank you Kristy!!! We love our son and cant thank you enough for all your help.

Jessica Hutchison


When I found out I was pregnant I knew from the start I wanted a VBAC. I didn't exactly know what a Doula was and I came by Kristy in a community post. I realized from that moment I would need a Doula for support of my VBAC. Kristy has such a warm and inviting personality that we clicked right away and I had no reserves of explaining to her my difficult situation. I told her how I wanted my birth to be and she was so knowledgeable about thigs I didn't even know about. Whenever I would leave a doctor appointment down in the dumps, she always found a way to help me see the positive side to things and was so supportive and helped bring me back to the here and now. She always responded to my texts and calls quickly and if there was a question she wasn't sure of, she knew who to go to, to get the answers. She was very resourceful and had many ideas to help me and my body prepare for the birth of my son. As much as I felt that I was bothering her with my numerous and frequent texts, she always was eager to hear my progress as I got closer and eventually went over my due date. For my last doctor appointment, I asked if she could accompany me as support and I'm thankful she did because I found out that I would end up needing a cesarean. She was by my side the whole time that I had to wait for my scheduled surgery and stayed even after my son was born. She captured every step of the process, including the very moment my son was born, in amazing photots that I will treasure forever. She reamins a good friend to this day and I am so happy she was there with me through everything. I have told her many times before and I will always tell anyone that will listen, she is a walking Angel in my eyes and has a special place in my heart.

Eishi Be


i couldnt have asked for anyone better. Kristy is very knowledgeable, and is also always quick to respond to my questions. And of course she stayed with me during my very long labor.  I felt well taken care of. 

Kristy also made me this awesome photobook. :)

Elizabeth Barrett


From our first meet and greet I felt this warm spirit about Kristy. I met with other doulas but kept coming back to that connection with Kristy. When it was time to create the birth plan Kristy was very comprehensive covering things I hadn't even thought of. During the last month of pregnancy she was such a peach. I texted her... well.... a lot, and every time she responded and never seemed annoyed to be getting all my questions. She even came to the house and showed me some things I could do to encourage baby to come down and get in proper position. She was seriously a wealth of knowledge. I wasn't even a first time mom and she taught me a lot of new things. I ended up having an induction and Kristy supported my decision, she never made me feel bad for deviating from my birth plan. I really appreciated that. She set up the room with battery powered candles, and had her essential oils at the ready for whenever I wanted them. She also had my favorite Pandora stations on her Bluetooth speaker which gave me something to focus on besides the pitocin contractions. She also was right there with me during each contraction either rubbing my shoulders, squeezing my hips, or just praising me for getting through each contraction. I couldn't have asked for a better birth companion. She was warm, caring, inviting, and most of all empowering. I love her dearly, I couldn't have asked for a better doula. 

Ashley Haxby


My husband and I cannot recommend Kristy highly enough. When our birth plan failed she was so supportive and even though my husband was trained as a Bradley Method coach her support helped him through the maze that was our FOUR DAY birth experience. She was calm, patient, and knew when to disappear into the background and when to step forward and direct. She has a warm, positive aura about her. She instills a sense of peace and confidence into a room. She is able to handle conflict well and respectively. She is protective of her mamas! Whether you're planning a natural home birth, or a medicated hospital birth, this is the doula you want on your birth team! You can count on her to handle your mother in law, and she will help guide you through your labor. We love you Kristy!

Lindsey Schneider


Kristy Martin is so knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to child birth!  She came to our house and sat down with my husband and I to assist with our birth plan.  She was so pleasant and really went over all of our options in detail as well as the pros and cons of everything.  I learned so much!  She even showed us some great techniques to help with contractions when you go into labor.  She really went above and beyond!  My husband and I had decided we wanted to have our baby  without a Doula this time around, but Kristy really made me wish I had hired her (no offense to the hubby lol).  I highly recommend Kristy for her doula skills, professionalism and positive personality. 

Shira James


I can't say enough about the positive experience we had working with Kristy!  She was absolutely incredible, and I have a feeling that my birth story would have turned out very differently if she were not such a huge part of it.  From the moment Kristy walked into the hospital, she made sure that all my needs were met.  With every contraction, she was helping me into the best positions, coaching me through my breathing techniques, and providing pressure and relief just where I needed it most.  I had told myself (and Kristy) that I wouldn't get an epidural, but when the pain became too intense, she was 100% supportive of my choice and helped me quickly come to terms that I made the right decision for me.  Unfortunately, when the nurses changed shifts, I wound up with a very inexperienced nurse.  She kept coming in and out of the room, wasn't communicative, couldn't answer my questions, and made important decisions without consulting with me.  Worst of all, when it was time to start pushing, the nurse was non-participatory.  Kristy guided me through 3 long and difficult hours of pushing-- holding up my legs.. cheering me on... getting me water... constantly re-assuring me.  I have a feeling deep in my gut that without her support during that time, I would have wound up getting a cesarean.  But we made it through!  When my beautiful baby was finally born, I was surprised to find out that they had to take him away from me for the first few minutes of his life because of a suspected infection.  I was so distraught!  Kristy immediately took pictures of him on her phone and showed them to me to calm my nerves until they brought him to me.  Kristy also stuck around to make sure that the lactation consultant arrived to help my baby latch on, and made sure that all our needs were met before she left.  I HIGHLY recommend Kristy and will be calling her again next time around!

Edgar Monarrez


My family was honored to have Kristy Martin as our doula. From the moment we first met her we noticed that she was very professional, very well prepared, had a lot of experience and more importantly a great personality 

She guided us since the beginning with several meetings. We discussed the birthplan which she helped us create as well as some of the options that she offers such as trainings on massages, aromatherapy, exercises( phisycal and breathing ), positions, etc. During the oncall hours she was always available and ready to guide you in any question that you might have which always felt like having a good friend next to you. 

During labor she guided us over the phone with the initial symptomswe met at the hospital for triage which was great since she was able to provide support as soon as entering to the hospital which makes a huge difference.  She helped my wife with exercises to help labor to get started and be able to pass triage. Her exercises and techniques were a key to success. Once a room was assigned to us she started setting up the room with candles and dimming the lights. Basically she made the room a lot more comfortable which helps a lot. Kristy stayed with us the entire time supporting me and my wife. Sometimes helping with massages, aromatherapy, helping understanding some medical procedures nurses were explaining or suggesting, but more importantly we felt she was doing everything with a lot of love and caring. She took pictures during labor which had a lot of quality and was able to capture the precious moment. I never noticed when she was taking the pictures but at the end when she showed us the pictures we were amazed about them.

Kristy went above and beyond our expectations she made the experience a lot better for us. We were very lucky. Thank you for helping us and thank you for doing this to other families as well

Chrissy Storr


Working with Kristy was great. She thoroughly went over what to expect during the birth and what services she could provide in the face of different senarios. She was always available to reach via text or phone call if I had any questions during my pregnancy. When it came time for my son to be born, I found she worked well with the nurses and medical staff. It didn't feel like the medical team versus the doula, something I had worries about when I decided to have a doula present. With her help and encouragement I was able to deliver my son with no epidural as I had hoped. Her assistance with positioning and helping me through contractions made a lot of difference in how well I handled the pain. An added bonus was some of the great pictures she captured in the process! I definitely recommend using Kristy - she exceeded my expectations. 

Morgann Poplaski


Our experience with Kristy as our doula was an amazing experience. I had a very rough pregnancy and was told I had to be induced do to my daughters safety. She new everything that was going on and kept my faith and prayers up. On monday I was induced at 10amish with the help of Kristy, my fiance, and my cousin I had passed all the contractions in an hour and half no pain meds nothing. She had also helped my family get involved with the contractions as well. After I felt I couldnt take it anymore I had asked for the epideral. Little did I no I was already in the pushing stage. Kristy helped me threw the process so much I couldnt had done it naturally without her. Twelve minuites of pushing I gave birth to a beautiful full term healthy baby girl. Kristy helped me threw the whole process of a natural birth at only 19. I would tell anyone that Kristy is a doula you would definately want for your labor! I couldnt do it without you Kristy!! 

Leah W


Hiring kristy as my doula was one of the best decisions I've made for the birth of my sixth child. I had never had a doula before, and was hesitant about letting someone else be involved in such an intimate moment of our lives. However, looking back now, I don't know how I ever gave birth without one! Kristy was everything I was looking for plus way more. Starting from our very first meeting, I sensed her warmth, gentleness, and sincere desire to help me have the kind of birth I wanted. She gave me as much time as I needed to get to know her and feel comfortable with her before the birth. We met for coffee at kristy's suggestion when I was going through a hard time during the pregnancy.
Kristy is full of helpful information as well, and was willing to share, but only as much as I asked for. I never felt that she was putting her personal preferences on me.
During my actual labor kristy was at my side the entire time. She has a full bag of tricks up her sleeve,and her calm, gentle demeanor kept me focused and relaxed.
She was available after the birth as well for any questions I had, and I never felt that I was bothering her! I am so grateful to have had kristy as my doula. I highly highly recommend her! You will not be disappointed!

Mireya Revelo-Walston


Kristy is very knowledgable about The Doula service. 

I loves having Her as a support. She is great! 


I am Thankful and would recommend Her anytime. 

Ian Walston


Kristy was a lifesaver! My wife did nothing but rave about her to everyone that visited. She made Mishele comfortable, helped whenever asked and was a plethora of information from a current mothers perspective. I will recommend her to everyone I meet. If we ever have another child she will be the first one we call. She is the best And consider her part of the family. 

Travis Meryhew


Kristy is awesome! She was a great source of knowledge and advice for my wife and I. Being our first child, Kristy was there every step of the way answering any questions we had. So glad we had her by our side!

Caleb Antonucci


Working with Kristy has been absolutely an amaaaazing experience. Expressing how she contributed to creating a wonderful birth experience in the short space we have would be challenging, but here are a few notes about what impressed us.
1. From the very first meeting through the very long labor Kristy always maintained and expressed the most cheerful, positive, encouraging attitude. You can feel that she genuinely WANTS to help you.
2. Also, we wanted someone who was going to be very involved when we wanted her to be…and she was. From helping us create our birth plan, to working with the hospital and nurses and our midwife, she made sure that everything we wanted to happen, happened!
3. She is extremely patient and bends over backwards to help. She stays up at all hours and although may be completely exhausted still maintains the energy and focus to help, encourage and promote a great birth.
We are so impressed with her. And HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants a doula.

Cassandra Smith


Our Doula, Kristy~ She was incredible, but space does not allow me to expound on every single detail of her natural abilities as a doula. We knew we were making the right decision to choose her for our labor, but as the process unfolded she only reminded us over and over by her actions that we truly had made a great decision. She was organized and on top of things, yet very comfortable and laid back. She was all about what WE wanted. She was supportive and encouraging, and didn’t change with the shift change like the nurses! She was there through a very long labor and went above and beyond what we ever would have imagined. She also was very helpful in gently guiding my husband in ways to help me. My husband and I both wanted him to be involved, and she seemed to have the perfect balance of when to step in herself, and when to guide Caleb to help me. I couldn’t have asked for a better labor support as I aimed for a non pain medicated induced delivery. She helped me to get exactly what I wanted, even when in the midst of it, I forgot that I actually wanted it. Together we achieved my goalof no epidural, and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing doula and husband team! In preparation for our delivery we met several times and communicated through text and calls. When my plans for a homebirth were changed to hospital induction for medical reasons, she just rolled with the punches with us and even was comforting and encouraging through that tough transition. When the time came she met us at the hospital with her suitcase of goodies! A camera that captured some amazing moments, essential oils, honey sticks, a rice heat pack, lotion that she rubbed my hands and feet and legs with...and on and on. She made icewater runs for me, played music for me, brought LED candles for the room, she just did it all! Even the nurses commented the next day on how much they liked her as a doula! Thank you Kristy!!

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