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HypnoBirthing with Joy Kraynak

Fear affects the physiology of birth. Part of birth's perfect design is that all mammals hold their babies in if fear is present. This mechanism is very helpful for the animal mother birthing in nature because if a threat arises they can literally stop their birth and get away to safety. This same mechanism is harmful to the human mother. It prolongs our birth and amplifies any discomfort that may accompany labor. HypnoBirthing is the solution to this problem, The 5 class series will show you how to arrive at your birth prepared to remain truly relaxed and trust your own birthing instincts. There are numerous series available at all times on the website. If you are curious and want to talk it over please feel free to give me a call 804-337-7657

Cost: $333.00

This class meets from September 15 to October 13.

Classes meet Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sunday from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

This class meets 5 times for a total of 12 hours.

The HypnoBirthing Studio (virtual during covid)
8545 Patterson Avenue, Henrico, VA VA 23229
804 337 7657