Childbirth Education Classes in Lexington

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Jennifer Piszcz Parent And Baby Services LLC

Lamaze Childbirth Class

Do you plan on having an unmedicated birth? Do you plan on using medications? Are you unsure what you will do? If you answered yes to any of these this class is for you! This class will help you make an informed decision about whatever birth you choose! Myth: Lamaze is all about breathing. Reality: The goal of Lamaze classes is to increase women’s confidence in their ability to give birth. Lamaze classes help women discover their innate ability to give birth. Women learn simple coping strategies for labor. This class includes the following: - Birth preferences & planning - Stages & phases of labor - Comfort measures - Medication Options - What to expect at your birth location - 6 Healthy Birth Practices - Tips for support team - Cesarean information - Birth videos - Terms & definitions - Evidence-based research - Postpartum and more!

Cost: $185.00

1 classes for a total of 7 hours

Classes meet Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Class meets on July 20

711 E. Main St, Lexington SC 29072