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Bellie + Birth


HypnoBirthing believes that childbirth is a natural, normal and healthy experience for women. Women's bodies are created to conceive, nurture and birth. In the absence of special circumstances, healthy women and their healthy babies deserve to be attended as they wish, to birth in a clam, peaceful, stress-free manner. What you will learn: Child Birth... your choices and developing a birth plan. How to release stress, fear and anxieties leading up to your birth How you can have a calm, peaceful and possibly even pain free birth Preparing for the 4th trimester... life with a new baby, breastfeeding and post partum care

Cost: $325.00

This class meets from August 17 to September 14.

Classes meet Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

This class meets 5 times for a total of 13 hours.

Elite Chiropractic
12891 State Rd, North Royalton OH 44133