Childbirth Education Classes in Great Neck

There is one class offered in Great Neck

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Birth 1st


We are very excited about this wonderful choice of childbirth education. HypnoBirthing promotes the idea that childbirth can and should be a joyous, calm and natural experience. The goal of this method is not to sell “pain-free labor” or “drug-free labor”, the goal is to educate and empower moms and birthing companions to make decisions which will lead them toward an easier, safer and more comfortable birth. HypnoBirthing moms learn to be relaxed and trust their bodies, throughout the labor and birthing process, regardless of the circumstances. You should consider HypnoBirthing, whether you’re a first time expecting mom or you’d like to improve on a previous childbirth experience.

Cost: $450.00

5 classes for a total of 13 hours

Classes meet Sunday from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Classes start January 12 and end February 9

Dream Wellness
38 Great Neck Rd, Great Neck NY 11021