Childbirth Education Classes in Durham

There is one class offered in Durham

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Blue Point Yoga

Thoughtful Birthing

As expecting parents, you know there is a lot of information out there. At BPY, we stay on the forefront of medical information, and give you information you can use in making decisions about your labor and delivery. Our experienced teachers incorporate yoga, mindfulness, massage and breathing techniques to teach practices and tools that can be drawn upon during labor, birth and postpartum. We welcome all families and individuals and are LGBTQ+ friendly. We’d love to be a part of your journey towards parenthood. Topics covered will include: Becoming Parents Stages of labor Potential interventions Options for your birthing environment - care provider, doula Packing your hospital/birth center bag Birth plan / preferences Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy Comfort measures for labor How labor can begin Life after Birth - planning for postpartum

Cost: $180.00

4 classes for a total of 10 hours

Classes meet Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Classes start April 2 and end April 23

Blue Point Yoga
410 West Geer St, Durham NC 27701