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Heartistic Families LLC

Private Newborn Care Class

Have you ever held or taken care of a baby? How about a newborn? Many expecting parents are worried about sleep training their baby even before their baby is born. What about basic, everyday newborn care? Learn evidence-based tips on how to take care of a newborn and practice diapering, babywearing, and swaddling with a baby doll and the top sleep swaddles on the market. Learn to calm a fussy or overtired baby from a Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist & Postpartum Doula who has served 120+ families and countless overnight shifts, tending to singletons and multiples. You'll learn: how to diaper + methods for avoiding a rash, how to swaddle and why, tips on bathing and grooming, basic babywearing techniques to have hands free to comb your hair, prep a snack, or clean up that dirty diaper, best ways to avoid spit-up and proper burping, plus comforting methods helpful for soothing and settling a baby. Class scheduled when convenient. A great gift for expecting parents!

Cost: $150.00

50 classes for a total of 2 hours

Classes meet Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 AM

Classes start July 28 and end July 28

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