Childbirth Education Classes in Fayetteville

There is one class offered in Fayetteville

Mustard Seed Birth Services

Informed Parent's Crash Course

OPTIONS IN INFORMED PARENT CRASH COURSE CLASSES $25/hour, taught in the comfort of your home at your convenience If a group class (1 or more pregnant persons attend in addition to the host), host will receive a 10% discount for the total class time. The curriculum may be split up into many classes according to your schedule. Here are two choices: Informed Parent Crash Course: 1 class approx. 5-10 hours Informed Parent Crash Course: long version (generally 1-2 classes per week/4-8 weeks) Class 1: Pregnancy & Contraception, approx. 75 min Class 2: Labor I, approx. 75 min Class 3: Labor II, approx. 75 min Class 4: Comfort measures, approx. 75 min Class 5: Informed consent/health disparities, approx. 75 min Class 6: Postpartum, approx. 75 min Class 7: Newborn care, approx. 75 min Class 8: Breastfeeding, approx. 75 min

Cost: $25.00

7 classes for a total of 9 hours

Classes meet Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Classes start March 1 and end April 14

Private, In-home Class
1554 N. College Ave., Fayetteville AR 72703