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Phone: (404) 271-2578

Birth Fee: $1200

Fee Details: $1199 for average cost of birth services for new clients. Repeat clients pay what they value the service to be worth! I believe every woman deserves a doula. If you have a special circumstance please contact me.

Birth Doula Experience: 9 years and 180 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA (DONA International)
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
No birth centers in the area
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Homebirths attended by a midwife

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Lamaze International

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Over 40
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • VBAC
  • Home Birth
  • Twins
  • High risk
  • Single parents
  • Cesarean birth
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Cloth diapering education
  • Babywearing education
  • Reduced rates for military members/spouses
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Languages spoken: English, some French, some German

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Atlanta, GA
Travel range: 15 miles
Travel comments/restrictions: Inside the Perimeter (or close)

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Client Testimonials for Alice Turner

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Jeff And Jessica

Two thumbs up!  As first time parents, my husband and I were not sure what to expect of the birth process and looked to Alice to help us navigate the uncharted waters.

She helped us better define our plan and particularly helped my husband better understand what to expect and talk about his concerns (it turns out husbands have jsut as much anxiety about it!).

Alice was there with us through labor and helped commicate with doctors and nurses and provided insightful tips and tricks (you can wear a gown on the front AND the back so your butt isn't hanging out!)  Those little insights made me feel more comfortable and the overall sense of calm that she provided went way beyond that the doctors, nurses and my husband alone could have offered.

Ultimately my plan was changed by having to have a c-section, but I'm very glad I had Alice with me through the process to get to that point.  While we didn't have a chance to have a post-birth home visit, Alice was very avialable by phone and text for new mom questions.

I would definitely recommend getting a doula for your birth and Alice as sensitive and calming doula to help you through your journey.

Posted 8/20/2014

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Kristen Entrekin

I would highly recommend Alice Turner and can't imagine ever giving birth without her support. I felt immediately connected to Alice by her warm spirit and kind nature. It was apparent early on that her patience, guidance, and support would be invaluable during my labor experience. I was open to whatever type of experience I was destined to have and to have Alice's support along the way ensured that my wishes and needs were supported by the hospital and staff that attended to me. It is evident with her 10 years of experience that Alice is thoroughly knowledgable about not only the complete labor process but also on hospital policies and guidelines that are often unknown as a first time mother going thorugh labor. Alice and I talked through different practices and procedures of labor openly and developed a birthing plan that was realistiic yet flexible enough to help me have a positive labor experience. I was very fearful of what I could not control during the labor process but I was able to put my fears aside as I had complete trust and confidence in Alice's support and guidance along with way. Because Alice was by my side throughout the entire labor experience, I honestly had an overwhelmingly positive and happy birthing experience. My husband also valued Alice's expertise and felt that he was able to better support me through labor and have a better understanding of what was happening along the way with Alice's guidance. All in all, Alice has become part of our family & will be a part of all our future births to come!

Posted 6/22/2014

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Lauren Ash

I first heard about doulas from a friend of mine who had a wonderful waterbirth experience. I was super anxious to find out how exactly a doula helps during the labor process so I began my research. When I discovered how helpful they can be in assisting with a natural childbirth (limiting c-sections and things of that nature), I knew this was the route to take. I found Alice Turner through The Happiest Doula company. My husband and I also attended her Lamaze class which I HIGHLY recommend. If you are a first time mom, with no knowledge of the laboring process and are nervous about the whole thing please help yourself and take this class. We left feeling completely informed and excited about our birth day. Alice is an excellent teacher who is very willing to assist you in whatever type of birth experience you are seeking..medicated or not. Looking back, I know that selecting Alice was one of the best decisions I ever made. The night I went into labor she was very prompt, and easy-going. She came very prepared with heating pads, and anything else you can think of that you'll need at such a critical time. When labor reached its peak and I felt like throwing in the towel, Alice was there reminding me of my birth plan and helped me with breathing. She makes you believe in yourself even when you may have doubts. With Alice's help I achieved my birth plan and it was worth every penny! There are many great doulas out there but Alice has to be one of kind. I really can't say much more other won't regret it! 

Posted 6/20/2014

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Kate Mabry

I am so grateful that my husband and I found Alice!  She was truly an invaluable part of our birth experience.  It was a joy to welcome her into our home for pre-birth visits leading up to the arrival of our little girl, as her easy-going and cheerful demeanor made "getting to know you" feel completely natural.  Then when go-time came around, she exercised a decisiveness and calming presence that made the labor and delivery process as smooth as I could have hoped. In an unusually quick span of 3 hours from first contraction/broken water to delivery, my husband and I were thrown off guard as we were expecting a more gradual process for our first-time birth experience.  Had we not had Alice by our side, I'm sure that we would not have had the sense to get to the hospital in proper time.  Once checked in at the hospital, I'm also sure that we would not have been admitted into a labor room as expeditiously without Alice's confident advocacy of my needs with the nurses.  On a personal level,  I felt no modesty with her as I worked through contractions completely draped over her, leaning on her, squeezing her arms and shoulders.  And her guidance through breathing exercises was pure genius - I would have been completely lost trying to navigate active labor without her expertise!

It is evident how much Alice loves her work as a doula as demonstrated through her tireless running to and fro across the city to be at the side of many excited, likely nervous (and in our case ignorant!) parents.  She is such a sweetheart, and I absolutely look forward to having her join us again for another round of birthing in a few years, I hope :)   

Posted 4/11/2014

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Jennifer Lowndes

Having Alice by our side during the labor/delivery of our first child was not the plan.  We had hired another doula, actually, but when the day arrived she was unable to attend the birth and recommended Alice as her "back up."  I truly believe the universe knew what it was doing that day as I cannot imagine having had anyone else support us through this experience.  Alice was wonderful.  She got a call from our original doula Saturday morning very early and was at our home within an hour.  As it turned out that was simply the start of a very long day.  I always intended to deliver at the hospital with an OB.  However, as I made my way through the pregnancy, I found myself discouraged by the "big box" nature of my OB practice.  I always knew there was a chance that another of the group's six doctors would be on call and deliver our baby, but I was unprepared for how truly non-personal and unsupportive the OBs as a whole were.  I was concerned I wouldn't have anyone present that was on my side, seeing me as an individual patient.  That's when we decided to hire a doula.  Alice was everything I could have hoped for.  Even meeting her for the first time while I was in labor, I was instantly comfortable around her.  She has a calm and relaxing presence.  Her excellent relationship with the nursing staff put me at instant ease and was an invaluable resource. She helped me manage my contractions for 20 plus hours before I decided to get an epidural and when I made that decision she was completely supportive.  When my labor wasn't progressing, and after 22 hours of handling contractions only 2-3 minutes apart I was still at 2cm, she stayed positive and encoraging.  In short, my husband and I were able to get through this experience with a minimal amount of stress because Alice was there. I would absolutely hire her to be with us again! 

Posted 3/25/2014

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Jaclyn Shanks

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Alice. We had never been pregnant before and, as such, had never had a doula, but she was exactly what we were looking for (and then some) - an advocate, an unbiased and yet informed source for both my husband and me. She immediately made me feel comfortable. My delivery was 180 degrees different than the delivery I environed for myself, and yet Alice was there every step of the way, supporting me, helping me come to terms with what was happening, reassuring me that all was alright and all was going to be alright. There is no one else, aside from my husband, I'd rather have in the room with me in such situations. Her demeanor is soothing and calming when all else around you is hectic. She knows just what to say, where to press, what to do in every situation, and both my husband and I were extremely grateful to have her with us. When the hospital pushed back about me taking my placenta with me, Alice was there to support my decision. When the hospital pushed back about having more than one person with me pre-op, Alice was there to support my decision to have her with me pre- and post-op. She is your strength when yours is waning. I'm not sure who was happier to have her with us - my husband or me. Having Alice as our doula was one of the very best things I did for myself and my family during my pregnancy and delivery, and I will 100% have her with me for every other pregnancy to come!

Posted 2/15/2014

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Cathy White

Alice is a wonderful doula and she was a great support to myself and my husband during the birth of our second baby. We had a doula the first time too, and we knew we wanted one for the second birth and were so glad to have found Alice.

She is very client focused and her approach is thorough. I appreciated that she spent time beforehand making sure she understood how I wanted to experience the birth of my child (and not prescribing a certain way of giving birth). Her manner is easy-going and she knows how to work professionally with all the different people present at the hospital, from the check-in staff to the nurses and ob. She actually came with us to the hospital twice, as I had a long bout of early labor that we thought was the real thing. It was great having someone who was familiar with the hospital environment and all that goes along with it. Alice is very well informed and used her knowledge to help us make decisions as the labor progressed faster than we had expected.

Alice is also very warm and caring, and I felt totally comfortable with having her by my side during such a personal experience as birth. She helped me breathe and make noises through contractions, made suggestions to change positions when I needed to, and brought a whole host of other aids (essential oils and so forth) ready to use as needed. She knew skin-to-skin contact and getting breastfeeding off to a good start was a high priority for us and she helped ensure that we had that precious time to do that right after the birth. Overall, I had a great birth experience with Alice and I very highly recommend her.

Posted 2/6/2014

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lauren carey

When we looked at hiring a doula with all the other baby costs we debated. However,  in retrospect it was the best decision we ever made.  Both my partner and I felt supported during the entire labor experience and prior.  Alice knew what we needed before we did and empowered us to have exactly the birth experience we wanted.   Alice had the ball, honey sticks and essential oils that made my experience easier and all the better all those great tools came& went with her it wasn't one more thing for us to pack, haul around the hospital & try and take home.

Alice was worth every penny and I am so deeply grateful she was able to be with us for our labor. 

Lauren Carey


Posted 1/28/2014

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Lauren Ridge

Yep, I'm writing another review (wrote one for the birth of our first in 2011). I said we would hire Alice again, and we did! We will definitely hire her for every baby we have - she is absolutely worth every penny of her fee.

My labor and delivery were different as a second timer. I thought I was going into labor at 38 weeks, and texted Alice to let her know. She responded immediately and asked a few questions, etc. When the labor petered out, she was reassuring and told me not to worry and to text ANYtime I felt anything or wanted to give her the heads up. I had a week of prodromal labor (not fun) and finally the day came when I knew it was the real thing. Since I knew what labor felt like this time around, I was able to tell her to come when I needed her. She was helpful in timing my contractions, and we chatted and hung out while my husband got a shower and got ready to go to the hospital. I was having back pain, so she whipped out the heated rice sock for me and suggested a few different positions. We had invited my sister along to the birth and Alice graciously offered to have her ride in her vhicle behind us on the way to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, my contractions were getting pretty intense, and when my water broke they were VERY intense. The baby's head crowned quite quickly, and I ended up having the baby in a triage room since all the L&D rooms were full! There was a moment in which I began to "lose" my control and was forgetting to breathe, and Alice instantly appeared right next to me, grabbed my hand, locked eyes with me, and said, "Breathe with me! You can do this!" In that moment, I remembered that I COULD do this, and snapped back, took a breath, and delivered my second baby girl. 

After delivery, Alice MADE me put in an order for some food even though I swore up and down I wasn't hungry and I was fine. I am so glad she stood her ground because I was STARVING by the time the food arrived!

Posted 1/26/2014

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Janitzia Manon Horne

My experience with Alice Turner was great. I did not have an easy delivery and I felt that I could not have done it without her. I struggled to get into actual labor for about 3 days, and every one of those days Alice was by my side. That was much more than I ever expected. Every bump in the road we adjusted our plan and worked with my OBGYN to avoid having to end up with a c-section. It was hard work but we pulled through and I was able to deliver naturally a healthy 7.13 ounce baby boy. My family was really happy i chose her because they felt she was so supportive and informed on how the process of my labor was evolving. We all trusted her! I also found Alice was very helpful in educating me and my husband the weeks before on the big baby syndrome when my doctors where concerned about me delivering a baby over 8 pounds. It is a very common issues that mothers can face when dealing with a very conservative practice. I would work with Alice again and recommend her to a friend. No doubt about it, having her there made a world of difference. 

Posted 5/20/2013

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Katie Daniels

I cannot imagine the birth of our daughter without the assistance of Alice. She was such a calming and stable voice in a time when one can hardly be rational. Her experience is obvious and her perspective is one that I respect and value. I highly recommend not just a doula, but Alice Turner the Super Doula. I found her help to be of more value than even our Midwife.

Posted 5/20/2013

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Yukiko Takeuchi

I had a planned c-section with my first child due to a complication. With my second, I wanted to try a VBAC and knew that I wanted the help of a doula. While my husband was supportive, he didn't feel strongly about having a doula present. Since I had never labored before, the entire experience was new for me and my spouse. As it turns out, we were much more freaked out than we expected to be. Alice was an invaluable partner throughout. She was very calming, encouraging and supportive to both me and my spouse. It was such a comfort to have somebody so experienced and knowledgeable to lean on when we were both feeling overwhelmed by the process. Ultimately, I required a c-section, but I do not look on the end result as a disappointment. Having Alice work through the decision with us made us feel secure that we were making the best choice for me and my baby. As a side note, my husband is now a big believer in having a doula and particularly likes to tell expectant fathers that it will take a lot of pressure off them.

Posted 5/14/2013

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Christina Collier

My husband and I used Alice to assist us in the delivery of our first child. I was hoping to have a natural, vaginal labor, avoiding a C-section. We felt very comfortable with Alice from the first time we met her and our meetings with her up to my delivery were very informative and she put me at ease about delivering our baby. When the day came that I went into labor, Alice was so helpful and supportive. I ended up having a very long labor and delivery (31 hours total). Alice's presence was extremely calming and reassuring for both me and my husband. In the end I finally delivered a healthy baby boy vaginally (with the help of some interventions towards the end as things continued to not progress naturally). Though I was hoping to not have to go this route, having a doula assist us, I know we tried everything we could before we decided to do this, so I am confident we did what was necessary. We are so thankful we had Alice with us to discuss decisions, keep us informed and help us stay positive so we could make the right decisions concerning our birth of our son. It was also great having someone familiar with the hospital where we delivered. She showed us exactly where to go as we arrived during the middle of having contractions which made things easy and she also requested the nurses she knew would be the best to assist us with the birth we desired during each shift change- this contributed to us having a great experience with all the staff who assisted us! We had a wonderful experience using a doula, and would recommend Alice to anyone!

Posted 4/3/2013

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Mary Stuart Iverson

Alice Turner was a wonderful help and I could not recommend her more highly! After a hard labor and delivery with my first born, I was determined to have a better birth experience for our second. Alice was hands down the key to our great experience. She was so knowledgeable and easy going. We knew that while we had goals and ideals, we were not going to be judged by her if we had unexpected issues or changes in our thought process. Her demeanor was perfect, there was never once a thought of a need for privacy or annoyance with her companionship (and I was concerned about both!). Her ability to create the best environment for pain management was so valuable, she had the perfect balance of practicality and creativity. Honestly, if I had to choose if she or my husband had to be with me... I would pick her!

Posted 10/12/2012

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Katherine Johnston

I loved having Alice as my doula. This was my first pregnancy and birth, and while I felt I had learned more than the average woman about birth, it definitely would not have gone so smoothly without Alice's help. My husband was nervous about being my support during labor, and Alice helped him stay calm during everything. I know he felt more comfortable supporting me since she was there to support us both. She gave us space when we needed it and laughter when we needed that too. She was a knowledgeable presence in the room, giving us information when the nurse wasn't there and getting the nurse when we needed her. She gave me tips on different positions to try, including the shower. The best part was I never felt the need to be uncomfortable or embarrassed around her. Alice also got little things before I even knew I needed them, like ice and clothes etc. It was really fantastic having her there every minute when the hospital staff leaves you alone in the room. Birth is a very intense experience that would be hard to handle by yourself. Not impossible, just not as enjoyable alone. When I was pushing, and afterward when the doctor was sewing me up, Alice stayed by my side, reminding me to stay calm and then comforting me. She got along well with all the hospital staff and my doctor, and my retired-OB mother-in-law loved her! Alice is a great resource about doctors, midwives, and hospitals in the Atlanta area, and she was very helpful pre-birth answering my questions when I had some for her and generally being supportive. She also helped after the birth with breastfeeding, which turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. I wouldn't want to go through labor again without her, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a peaceful, loving, experienced doula. She was the best advocate and companion I could think of having during that wonderful experience.

Posted 9/26/2012

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Sarah Nolin

I didn't have the best experience with the birth of my first child, and I really wanted something different for my second.  I decided to hire a doula and set up an interview with Alice.  My husband and I had planned on interviewing a few other doulas as well, but after we met Alice we both knew she was the one for us!  From our first meeting, Alice felt like a friend who cared about us and who was genuinely excited about our new baby and helping us have the birth that we wanted.  When we first started meeting with her, I wasn't sure what it was that I wanted besides "different."  I was curious about natural childbirth, but wasn't sure I could do it.  Alice made it clear that she would support me no matter what type of birth I chose, but through conversations with her and through reading books she recommended, I became more and more confident that natural childbirth was what I wanted.  During labor Alice was an incredibly comforting and knowledgable presence.  She anticipated all of our needs, answered questions, made us laugh, made my husband feel comfortable getting involved, guided me into different positions to help me keep labor going, breathed and made crazy noises with me, and was strong and encouraging when I doubted myself.  I had the natural birth that wanted, and it was more beautiful than I could have imagined.  I am so grateful to have had the experience, and I absolutely know that I could not have done it without Alice.  We feel so blessed to have found her and to have had her on our birth team!  Thank you Alice!

Posted 8/21/2012

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Brittnay Alverson

Alice is/was wonderful during our labor and prior to our labor.  Hiring her was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made.  I had a complication after giving birth to my son and she kept me alert and in the moment when I was on the verge of blacking out a couple of times.  I don't know what I would have done without her support and fast reaction.  Without a doubt I will seek her assistance again when we are ready to add to the family.  She is extremely warm and caring and she knows her stuff... She will help you to stick to your plan and support you if you need to deviate.  I will recommend her to any first or second time parents!  

Posted 5/12/2012

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Timothy Raymond McAfee

We could not have done it without Alice. Really. Alice was a great help to myself and my wife on multiple levels. The preparation meetings with her allowed for my wife and I to be more comfortable with her and birth, as well as allowed her to become familiar with us and our preferred birth method(Hypnobirthing). It helped that she had experience in Hypnobirthing and had assisted in over 100 births. It made my wife feel very comfortable that we were in the right hands. The day of the birth was where our decision to use a Doula really hit home with me. I knew my wfie wanted another female with experience in the room, and I was happy to oblige, but I had no idea how much help she was going to be until we were packing for the hospital and during the birth. She was there, awake, with us, for the entire 34 Hour labor. She helped us deal with the nursing staff, knew exactly what to do to make my wife feel more comfortable, and was just an integral part of the entire process. She helped me to understand what was happening before it was happening so that we could both work together to keep my wife happy and comfortable. With her help, my wife was able to accomplish her completely drug free and natural delivery birth. A few weeks after the birth she even stopped by to say hello and see the little guy. Our son will know Alice for the rest of his life, and any friend or family member that is having a baby will hear her name too! Thanks Alice! 

Posted 4/2/2012

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Lauren Ridge

 We met with 2 doulas, and immediately hired Alice upon meeting. She warm, personable and easy to talk to! The fact that she has 4 children of her own carried a lot of weight as we wanted a doula who had been through childbirth. 

Alice met with us twice for prenatal visits. The time always flew by when we met with her since she was so much fun to talk to. She was always available by phone/email for any questions or concerns we had. 

When I went into labor, Alice responded immediately. I actually waved her off at first thinking that my labor would take a long time, but she gently let me know that she needed to go ahead and come . We hung out while she timed contractions, and she suggested different positions to get through some of the back pain I was having. The positions actually alleviated the back pain and I was able to get back into my preferred position for labor. She was fun to talk to between contractions, and was encouraging without being overly peppy. She let us know when it was time to get to the hospital. When I got there I was 8 cm dilated!

Alice was awesome during the transition phase and helped me get through some pretty intense contractions while I was waiting to get in the tub for my waterbirth. She was calm and reassuring. During labor in the tub, she held me up by my armpits so that I could rest between contractions without sliding into the water. (My husband was waiting on the other side of the tub to catch our baby). She recognized when I became fatigued and offered a lollipop at just the right time to give me the burst of energy I needed.

Alice has also been an amazing postnatal support. She checks in constantly and visited us at home. She helped with lactation advice, and was able to reassure me with questions that I had regarding postpartum recovery, etc. 

We LOVED Alice and our experience with her and would highly recommend her to ANYONE, and will hire her again.

Posted 12/10/2011

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Angela Fox

I cannot say enough positive things about having Alice Turner as our doula!!  I had a water birth at Atlanta Medical Center and Anjli from Intown Midwifery, along with Alice, helped deliver our beautiful baby girl on May 30, 2011.   The birth experience was everything I could have hoped for in large part because Alice quietly guided us through every step of the way.  No matter what type of birth experience you are seeking, I would highly recommend Alice.  She has no agenda other than to help you execute your birth plan.  Alice has a very friendly, calm demeanor, which made it easy to share our birthing room with her!!  Somehow, Alice always was right there when you needed her but never intruded on the intimacy of the occasion.  She even took some amazing pictures, discretely capturing the first moments of our new little family together.  In short, I could not imagine our birth story without Alice!!

Posted 10/12/2011

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Allen Clare Heckman

Alice is the greatest, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting an experienced doula to assist in their birth experience.  I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 40 weeks, and my doctor insisted that I be induced immediately.  This was NOT in my birth plan.  I was stuck in a hospital bed and not able to move around at all.  Alice was great in figuring out ways to help my labor progress with the very limited leeway we were given from the doctor and the hospital.  After a very long night of having an unsupportive and unsympathetic nurse, I was ready to go ahead and get an epidural.  Alice was able to find a nurse on the next shift who was very supportive of my choice for a natural birth.  My labor was almost 24 hours long, and I NEVER would have gotten through it naturally without Alice.  She stayed with me all night and was tireless in her support.  She was always calm and advocated on my behalf with the doctors and nurses.  She was everything I hoped to get from a doula and much, much more.  I could not recommend her highly enough!

Posted 2/22/2011

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Susanne O'Neal

When my husband and I first met with Alice we both immediately felt very comfortable with her.  She is a very warm and kind person who is very passionate about natural childbirth.  We decided we wanted Alice to assist us with our birth after learning more about her experience both as a doula and as a mom herself.  She had two of her four children in the same hospital that I was delivering at and with the same OBGYN practice that I was at so she was familiar with the doctors, nurses and hospital procedures.  That gave us a level of comfort that we had not had in other doulas that we had met.  We had two great pre-natal visits with Alice where we got to know her a little better and she got to learn more about what we expected at our birth however, we still weren't sure what to expect out of a doula but Alice was absolutely amazing during my delivery!  I can't even begin to put into words how helpful she was to me and my husband.  Her dedication and support were totally above and beyond the call of duty - she never left our sides!  Alice is very knowledgable and experienced and was very helpful in helping me make confident decisions at each step of the way.  She has such a easygoing spirit that is a real comfort during labor.  We have so many sweet memories of the birth of our first daughter and it wouldn't have been the same without Alice.

Posted 10/6/2010

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Brittany Vanderyt

My birth experience was great

My water broke and as most doctorrs would tell you to come in to the hospital immedialty

i waited and with Alice's knowledge and confidence i stayed calm and my birth plan with off without a hitch

the doctors threatened a c section and didnt think i could do it without an epidural and I did

Alice worked great with my husband and made everyone feel important

she was there to guide us along

She was like a friend being there - not over bearing at all

I want her there for every other birth i have


Posted 9/10/2010

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Elaine Warren

 Alice was my birth doula for my son, Nicholas, born June 25, 2010. I really do not think I could have made it through the long day of labor without her help and guidance. She was there for me every step of the way and gave me incredible support.  Alice was exactly what I needed in a doula on that day... strong, sensitive and knowledgeable.  She brought her many experiences to my birth and helped give me guidance and reassurance when I needed it most. Alice was there for me in every way... she helped me physically, emotionally and psychologically. She is a wonderful doula and I highly recommend her to all the moms looking to have a natural childbirth experience.

Posted 7/27/2010

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Kimberly Nuckols

With my first birth (twins) I was induced and received two epidurals.  I reacted to the epidural and my babies went into distress.  Although the babies were healthy and beatiful, I knew when I was pregnant with our 3rd that I wanted a different experience - to labor naturally without an epidural, and I was unsure whether I could accomplish this with just the support of my husband.  Alice Turner, doula, came to our house after I had been in initial labor for 6 hrs.  My goal was to stay home as long as possible, and with Alice there to help us monitor my contractions I felt confident to do so.  She helped me breathe and offered options of enduring each contraction.  Alice helped us determine when it was time to go to the hospital, and once at the hospital she continued to offer many different positions and mind "tricks" to endure the pain of contractions, and continually advocated for me and ensured our birth plan was followed.  Eventually my midwife began talking about an epidural.  Alice helped my husband and I talk to the midwife about other options (not including an epidural) and consistently asked the midwife for "one more chance" to allow the baby to drop and dilation to happen.  Alice offered a suggestion as to a change of position, which amazingly allowed the baby to drop in a matter of seconds!  I was ready to start pushing and my baby was born just minutes later!  I knew I wanted a doula at my birth, but I didn't know the full impact that Alice Turner would have on my birth.  She was able to remind my husband and I of our birth plan and how we wanted our labor to be, and I was then able to refocus on my ultimate goal.  I highly recommend Alice, as she was a great advocate, support, and friend before, during and after my labor.

Posted 4/29/2010

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Cheri Augustine Flake

 I couldn't possibly say enough wonderful things about Alice.  My labor and delivery were rather long and I sincerely could not have done it with her.  She was wonderful.  It sounds crazy, but it really was like having my best friend at my birth.  She was very educated and experienced and we always felt comfortable making decisions about our birth plan.  She was incredibly calm and kind, but really spoke up at the hospital to help make my birth plan a reality.  She used some techniques to relax me and help me labor at home that were never mentioned in the birthing classes my husband and I participated in.  She was very familiar with Hypnobirthing and was able to assist in its practice.  She actually spent the night in our nursery coming in for nearly every contraction.  Alice also took some beautiful pictures and a video that I am so thankful to have now.  I highly recommend having Alice Turner as your doula.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  My birth experience was fabulous and just how I wanted it; natural, supportive and loving.

Posted 4/13/2010

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Rachel Gambale

Alice the Doula is AMAZING!  From our first meeting with Alice, my husband and I felt totally comfortable with her.  Alice is sweet, soft spoken, and very knowledgable in her role as a doula; Just the type of person you would want by your side during labor and the birth of your baby.  With my second son I decided to have a natural birth, and my husband did not want the responsibility of being my "coach" and liason - he just wanted to be with me and enjoy the experience during this special time.  Luckily, I found and chose Alice as my doula.  Leading up to my birth, Alice was supportive and able to answer all of my questions through her knowledge and own experiences.  My little bundle decided to come three weeks early, and I went into labor at about 12:30 am.    Unsure if I was in labor, I called Alice who stayed on the phone with me to keep me calm and help me time my contractions.  We she confirmed I was in labor, she promptly met me at the hospital and stayed with me throuhout my labor until after my son arrived.  I got the amazing, natural birth that I had been planning for for so long.  I really feel that I could not have done this without Alice.  She helped me stay focused and breathed with me through my contractions.  She also helped me with heat bags, birthing ball, and differing positions to make labor as comfortable as possible. She continued to give me water so I did not have to be connected to an IV, and ensured that the nurses and widwife were following my birth plan.  Per my request, she also took pictures and even found my mother in the waiting room when I reached the last stage of labor.  Alice is non-intrusive and there for you with whatever you need. I still keep in contact with Alice in hopes that she is available to be my doula if we decide to have a third! I highly recommend!

Posted 4/11/2010

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