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Positive Birth


Phone: (914) 207-5511

Birth Fee: $1200 to $1500

Fee Details: Free initial interview. My fee includes text, phone, and email support upon contract signing, prenatal visits to discuss plans for your birth, on call 24/7 from 37 weeks forward, my presence at your birth with unlimited comforting for you and your partner, postpartum visits. * Borrow a birth ball * Access to my library for DVD's and books * 2 Prenatal visits (in your home) * 2 Postpartum visits (as desired in your home) * Help/tips with breastfeeding * Availability till 6 weeks postpartum for questions you might have

Birth Doula Experience: 3 years and 40 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA (DONA International)
  • HypnoBirthing Certified Birth Attendant
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Westchester, Nassau, Manhattan, Bronx, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Fairfield CT
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Any Home Birth if attended by a midwife

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Completed Breastfeeding Class for Doulas, Doula Candidates and other Medical Professionals (Regina Camillieri, IBCLC, RLC)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Certified Birth Assistant (Northwest Birth Assistants)
  • Rebozo techniques, Accupressure for Labor, VBAC workshop for Doulas (with Gina Crosley-Corcoran), Spinning Babies (with Gail Tully)

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Teens
  • Over 40
  • VBAC
  • Home Birth
  • Special needs babies
  • Prematurity
  • High risk
  • Single parents
  • Cesarean birth
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • TENS units rental
  • Acupressure and/or acupuncture in labor
  • Belly casting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

President of the Hudson Valley Birth Network. "Positive Birth Movement" group facilitator every first Friday of the month at my house in Larchmont and every third Wednesday of the month at Full Circle Women's Health in Harrison. Each month we have a new topic/theme to discuss, it's a great way to meet other "new" moms and to share birth stories.

Languages spoken: English, Dutch, French and German

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Larchmont, NY
Travel Range: 45 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Joyce Havinga-Droop

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Stephanie Murphy

Hiring Joyce was the best decision I made during my second pregnancy. I went into the situation looking for support during labor (I was planning a natural, umedicated labor and delivery) and my entire experience with Joyce turned out to be so much more. We met several times during my pregnancy and I learned so much from her about the natural birth process. She also provided me so much emotional support - I would unload my fears and worries, questions and pregnancy updates and she was always there to listen and offer her advice and support. This proved to be so invaluable to me, every expecting mother should have this type of support which I feel has become a little lost in our current day. 

During my labor, she was the calm, steady rock that my husband and I needed. I ended up having a fast labor that intensified quickly and my son was born in the car on the way to the hospital! Everyone asks me if I was terrified, but the truth is that I wasn't scared at all. I knew Joyce was there with us and I had complete and total faith that she knew what to do if there was a problem. She ended up guiding me through the birth of my son (which happened so fast!) as he was born in the car on the side of the road.  My husband and I are so grateful that she was there - I don't know what we would have done without her!!

Joyce's support postpartum was even more valuable. She truly helped me through a pretty rough couple of weeks of engorgement and emotional stress. I looked forward to our chats so much and realize now how important it is to have such a strong woman there for you when you need it most. She taught me a lot about integrating my newborn into our life with a 4 year old. I am thankful for her and am so blessed to have her now as a friend. I will always value her opinion and recomend her to other expecting moms. She also hosts a monthly Positive Birth group at her home which I have really enjoyed attending! I cannot recommend Joyce enough!

Posted 1/12/2015

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Ashley Matts

We interviewed Joyce along with 3 other Doulas during our search. She was the most warm and comforting of all that we met so we went with her and are so glad we did. Joyce took every worry, thought & hair brain idea we had very seriously. She forwarded articles and talked to her network of birth experts to answer any questions she didn't know the answer to right away. Which honestly didn't happen often as her depth of knowledge is vast. She will give you ideas and options and then support whatever you decide to do. She would never push her own beliefs or opinions on you. I found that truly wonderful as it felt like we had a great partnership and support system in Joyce. 

We had some unexpected information given to us about our baby at 41 weeks it changed a lot of the things that we had put into place for our birth. That said, Joyce was amazing through all the change. She guided and supported us, she was present and comforting. It was exactly what we needed and both my husband and I felt so blessed to have her there with us.

I can't say enough good things about Joyce. She has the amazing ability to know exactly what you need before you even know, she knows when to talk and encourage and when to stay quiet. She is truly special and exactly who you want to have by your side during this very personal experience in your life.

Posted 1/3/2015

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Carolina Hernandez

Joyce was my doula with my first child who was born on June 3, 2014. She was wonderful and my husband and I are so glad we decided to hire a doula to support us during this very special time. Throughout my pregnancy we kept in touch and she always had great advice and resources for us as we prepared to welcome our little one. 

One of the great things about Joyce is that she also hosts the monthly positive birth movement meetings at her place which are another great resource for all women to discuss childbirth and share their experiences. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Joyce as a doula to anyone looking for a kind, caring and very competent doula.




Posted 10/16/2014

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I sought out a Doula because I was going for a VBAC and knew that I wanted the support that only a Doula can provide. By lucky chance Joyce and I met and it was the right fit from the start. Joyce is knowledgable, compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental, and kind. With Joyce I felt secure and confident that I could have a VBAC. She always responded right away when I texted, called or emailed her with a question or concern and she offered advice, encouragement, and friendship. Her advice was based on factual knowledge and her emotional support came from a place of deep understanding. I knew I could reach out to her anytime and rely on her to be there for me.  Joyce also knew how to include my husband in the journey, which was important to me. Furthermore, she recommended Obstetricians to me who have a 97% success rate for VBACs, and they also provided me with excellent care. Thanks to Joyce I had the best team I could have hoped for and I had a healthy, happy and successful birth experience.

Posted 7/5/2014

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Laura Wertkin

I hired Joyce to help me through the labor of my second child, but she ended up helping me with so much more. She played an important role in getting me in the right mindset pre-labor, as well as supporting me in several different ways post-labor. You can tell that helping women have a positive birth experience is not just a job to Joyce, but a true passion. I was new to the area and Joyce invited me to the Positive Birth Group meetings she hosts. There I met a network of like-minded women to help me throughout my journey. When it came time to assist me with the actual labor and delivery, Joyce came very prepared. She showed up with a heating pad, a TENS machine and endless knowledge about positions, breathing techniques, massage, you name it. She stayed up with me throughout the night, calmed me down whenever I felt scared, and most importantly, helped me make the right call about when to go to the hospital. Once at the hospital, she got the tub ready while the fetus was being monitored so that I could get in as soon as possible. She even set up candles and the lighting to make the labor room as calming and tranquil as possible. Joyce is a true professional! She knew what I wanted/needed without me having to ask. The best part about working with Joyce is that she is truly committed to giving you the birth experience you want to have. I couldn't have hoped for a better expeirence! Furthermore, anytime I had questions or concerns leading up to the labor or after the baby was born, she sent articles or resources to help. She is beyond generous with her books, videos, resources and time to keep you as well informed as possible. Ever since meeting Joyce, I have felt extremely well educated and supported by her. Joyce is the real deal! 

Posted 4/15/2014

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Elisa M. Tustian

I simply would not have had the same wonderful experience had I not had a doula.  I was approaching the birth of my second child as one would approach the passing of a salt rock via their urine.  The books Joyce, my doula, provided educated me on the strentgh of my body and helped me to trust in my own body.  Joyce then bent over backwards to make me confortable at the birth and provided me with endless encouragement.  The result was a successful VBAC in back labour and 9 pound baby circumstances.  I could not be healthier or happier, as is my entire family as a result of Joyce, my doctor and my overall birthing experience.  I am so grateful.

Posted 1/14/2014

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Sylvia Churchill

Hiring Joyce was one of the best decisions we made! Whenever I think back to the labor and birth, both me and my husband think, Thank God we had a doula! Especially an experienced and caring doula like Joyce. She really helped me to achieve the kind of birth I wanted (all natural!), and I also think my labor went as quick as it did because of all her help. She helped me to feel calm, secure and confident throughout my labor. It was also great that we met up for two meeting before the birth-- she educated me and my husband about the stages of labor and pain coping techniques, and also we got to know each other. Joyce lent me books and videos, which also helped educate me about birth and prepared me for it. She also came to visit me twice after the birth and was so supportive of me during my trials with brreastfeeding (all better, by the way!). My husband and I are very grateful for all her help; again, it was one of the best decisions we've made. 

Posted 11/5/2013

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Anastasia Libovich

Joyce was an amazing presence during my childbearing year. Prenatal support was both emotional and physical. She was available for all questions, performed massage, and even created a belly cast and belly painting for me. She included my older daughter in everything as well. 

During labor Joyce was available by phone early on, and as soon as I needed her was at my home in what felt like an instant. She was comforting for me and my husband. She also made my daughter a part of the birth, which is what we wanted. I felt completely supported and at ease with her. 

In the postpartum period Joyce was also available and helped with the day to day of sorting baby clothes, as well as the more interesting work of baby care and care of me. Joyce helped me with cooking, and helped me transition from feeling very overwhelmed with a new baby to feeling much more competent.


Posted 11/4/2013

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Jolene Harms

"First of all, I just have to say that having Joyce as my doula was priceless. I really don't think my labor and birth process (and pregnancy for that matter) would have gone at all as well, if she was not a part of it. I truly agree with the people that say that to have a doula for your first pregnancy is essential. I would almost say, to have Joyce as your doula for your first pregnancy is essential. :)

During my pregnancy, my husband and I had two prenatal visits with Joyce at our home. She taught us many different techniques to help during labor (to relax, to encourage baby to get into a good position or to descend, to relieve pain or pressure). She answered questions that I had, and coached my husband on how to coach and encourage me throughout the labor process. She also came to the home visit that I had with my midwife and her assistant (we were planning a homebirth). All throughout these visits, I felt that Joyce was a great companion for me and I was looking forward to her support during labor and birth.

In addition to her standard doula care, I was blessed to develop my relationship with Joyce further through the Positive Birth Group that met monthly at her home. Joyce is passionate about educating women about their choices in pregnancy and childbirth, and about encouraging women to make the best choices for themselves and their babies. I learned a lot through these get-togethers and met new friends.

As it turned out, I had an exceptionally fast labor for a first-time mom. Fast enough that our midwife didn't make it in time for the birth (arrived about 10 minutes after baby was born). I was SO glad that Joyce was here. She was completely competent in supporting me emotionally and relaying instructions from the midwife (on the phone) to my husband to help me through the birth of our baby. I truly don't know what we would have done without her!

If you are considering Joyce as a doula, I highly recommend her!"

Posted 8/22/2013

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Deb Brenneke

My husband and I were new to the area and since neither of our families was close by, I decided to hire Joyce - probably one of the smartest decisions I ever made.  My labor was short (and a little early) and was very comfortable having her there. After induction, it progressed really fast and Joyce used pain reducing techniques to bring me some comfort.  She took pictures and was available for any questions i had about labor and a new baby.  It was very scary to be a new mom but because she was there with her suggestions, the fear turned into comfort and understanding.  Her open personality was what i truly liked and admired about her.  Joyce - thanks again for everything!

Posted 8/13/2013

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Deborah Young

Joyce was the doula at the birth of my third child. I had hoped and planned for unmedicated hospital births with my first two children but had not been able to cope with the pain without getting an epidural. While pregnant with my third child, I decided to hire a doula as I still wanted to experience an unmedicated birth. While my husband is extremely supportive and willing to help in any way he can, he does not have the knowledge of a woman who has birthed her own three children drug-free and has devoted her career to helping other women do the same. Joyce is a wonderful resource and clearly has a passion for what she does. She believes in the inherent ability of a woman to birth her baby naturally.

She met with me at my home for an initial consultation. She made a second trip to my home to meet my husband. In the weeks prior to my due date she emailed me helpful links to information about delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, labor progression, and the pitfalls of medical induction. During my labor, she utilized acupressure and a Rebozo scarf to help offset the pain of my contractions. She suggested helpful breathing techniques during different stages of labor. She was quietly encouraging and never overbearing. Joyce encouraged me and gave me the confidence to labor at home for as long as I was comfortable with. Once at the hospital, she was a grounding presence in the chaotic atmosphere of the labor and delivery room. After a quick (but by no means easy!) transition and a few intense pushes, I was able to deliver my baby without pain medication just 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital. It was something I had always wanted to experience and I believe Joyce helped me to achieve this goal.

Posted 5/28/2013

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Dani Dumitriu

Without Joyce, I don't think I could have done it!! 

For my first delivery, I was forced to be in the hospital since I was pregnant with twins (though it luckily did end in vaginal delivery without any medical intervention). When I got pregnant again 9 years later, I was adamant about having a home birth experience. Since I thought it would be a walk in the park compared to my hospital delivery, I at first didn't plan to have a doula. But then my midwife convinced me of the benefits and I started looking.

Joyce and I hit it off immediately, especially since she had gone through home birth twice on her own. But it wasn't until my labor that I realized just what a treasure I had found! Unfortunately, things did not go as smoothly as I had planned. My baby was in a weird position and pressing on my pubic bone; after pushing unsuccessfully for over an hour I became weak and dizzy; then there was meconium, and eventually baby's heart started having decels. But Joyce was my rock! Her calm and resourcefulness in making me feel safe were endless. She knew just what to say and do at just the right time. Because of the decels,the midwife at one point told me that she would call an ambulance, but gave me a couple more pushes. The very last push she gave me I was ordered into a standing squat. With Joyce holding my arms from behind I gave one final desperate push and he popped out! After some suctioning, my baby boy did beautifully and latched on within a couple of hours.

Honestly, without Joyce, I am almost certain I would have had to be transferred to the hospital. (And we all know how that would have ended...)

Posted 3/25/2013

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I worked with Joyce during my first pregnancy. She was instrumental in giving me confidence, listening to my fears and concerns, and helping me to feel prepared for labor. She did an excellent job allowing Duane to participate in the process, while also allowing him the opportunity to take much needed breaks. She helped us through 48 hours of labor and I will forever be grateful. The massages and exercises helped me a lot. But she was mostly a concerned friend and helper. She was even helpful after labor, introducing me to other moms so I would not feel isolated. I highly recommend her.

Posted 2/7/2013

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Amy Zinser

 I knew from my initial meeting with Joyce that she would be a wonderful labor support person.  Toward the end of my pregnancy, she kept in frequent touch via phone, text, and email, and sent me helpful articles that she found.  During labor, she was a calm and reassuring presence.  She anticipated my needs and suggested ways that I could be more comfortable.  Joyce was an integral part of my labor team and I am sure that I had a better experience because she was there.  I am very grateful to Joyce for providing such warm and caring support to me and my husband.  

Posted 1/9/2013

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Alaira Ashford

This was my 4th child really didnt know what to expect but it was worth the efffort in meeting with and having Joyce by my side. I didnt feel that the hospital could push me into doing something that was not needed because i had joyce there to educate me on the possiable risk.Any and all my needs were meet by Joyce.

Posted 12/16/2012

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Yamila Rivero

My experience with Joyce was and still is GREAT!!! Being pregnant with my second child I knew I wanted a very different experience than my first. I felt I lacked the personal attention child bearing deserves the 1st time around, so when I was offered a doula associated my doctor’s office, I jumped at the opportunity. Although I knew what a doula was in essence, I wondered how effective a stranger would be in aiding me during one of the most intimate moments one can endure. I quickly learned Joyce was not only a privilege but a blessing to have had at my childbirth. I wanted an as natural child birth experience as I can have in a hospital and she helped make that come true. She supported me with breathing techniques, gave me essential information to prepare for child bearing. She was like my ‘pit-bull’, protecting me from the any interventions I did not want in the hospital. She also was my rock, the one whom I depended on the most (more than my husband) to help me during moments of distress. Her insight as a mother of 3 and the fact we shared the same homeopathic perspective made us a perfect match. However, Joyce has made me question why there isn’t a LIFE doula? She has a remedy, an answer and/or a way to find an answer whenever I run into a situation. She is always available, especially via text. Joyce, or any great doula for that matter, is a doctor’s best friend since doulas are the 1st line of information and consolation before a doctor. Joyce is truly like a Fairy God mother to me, she’s: patient, thorough, tolerant, caring, has a wealth of knowledge and assertive when needed. I feel fortunate to have met her and realize there is no turning back; she has become a resource for to me for life…hope she’s ok with that!

Posted 11/28/2012

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kalila shoffner

  My experience with Joyce was great. I like that she listened to my birthing plan and agreed with it. She was there throughout my whole delivery and labor. I like that she explained everything to me from medical tems into simple words that I will be able to understand after doctors came into tell me things. My birthing plan had went completely left and I was feeling kind of down about that, but Joyce made feel better about the whole thing. Even after giving birth to my daughter she was there when I needed. I liked that I was able to call Joyce when I had some concerns about my daughters health. She even went out of the way to call one of her friends to further help me with my concerns. I'm very happy that I decided to have her as doula for my birth, if I ever have another baby I would definitely like to have Joyce as my Doula again. 

Posted 10/24/2012

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Elyse Ptak

We are so thankful for having Joyce as our birth doula. Even though I had two sons already when we met, I had no experience with a birth doula, or a doula of any kind for that matter, so I did not know at all what to expect, or what role she would play in my delivery. Joyce asked to meet with me, and so we did, and aside from making me feel completely at home (and making the most delicious tea), she talked to me about so many things I was not aware. She informed me about the options I have and that I can have control and make the birth of my baby my own, that I can personalize it, and that I do have options and should make all decisions and not just go along naively with the normal and typical hospital routine. Joyce gave me so much rich information, and she listened and respected my thoughts and feelings about such an incredible, private, and special event that was about to occur. My birth was quite short, my water broke in the middle of the night, and within three hours, the baby was born. Joyce made it to the hospital immediately after we got there, and she was very professional, very prepared, and very sweet, and stayed with us until we were all comfortable with our new baby boy, and ready for her to leave. Joyce is an excellent listener, and she catered very well to what we wanted and needed. She is also a wonderful resource, and because of her, we were able to learn things that helped us to have a much more positive experience. We felt that someone was there to answer any questions, or help us find answers to our questions, and also to support us to be strong and follow through with the birth plan that she helped us

Posted 9/14/2012

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